About Us


Daymar College has been providing exceptional career training since 1963. As a career training school, Daymar College has grown to include 13 beautiful campuses and more than 35 career tracks. Our professional faculty brings their passion to the classroom to provide each student with the quality instruction needed to help you be successful on the job and in life. Small class sizes, day and evening classes, and relevant training are just some of the things that make Daymar College a great place to prepare for your future career. If you're ready for real success in the real world, Daymar College can provide the skills and training needed to help get you there. We provide a warm, friendly, nurturing atmosphere where students can learn the skills required to obtain the careers they need to have the lives they want.

Eight Core Values

Daymar College 8 Core Values
Continuous Improvement Excellence Innovation Integrity
Respect Service Teamwork Having Fun

Experience Our Positive Difference! The Pacific Institute (TPI)
The Pacific Institute will help you unleash your potential in ways you never before thought possible! Daymar College is an official affiliate of The Pacific Institute. The Pacific Institute method of personal and professional development is an exclusive student benefit of Daymar College and its family of campuses. The guiding principle of The Pacific Institute is that individuals have a virtually unlimited capacity for growth, change and creativity! By applying The Pacific Institute principles, people are able to develop their potential by changing their habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations. This, in turn, allows individuals to achieve higher levels of growth and productivity. The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence is designed to build your understanding of how you can control the way you think to achieve success - in any part of your life that you desire. By your participation in this program, you will join millions of people around the world who have discovered that the path to true success lies in their own thinking. “We move toward what we think about.”

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