Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

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National Truck Driver Appreciation WeekDid you know that almost two million people in the United States are employed as truck drivers? The national economy relies much more heavily on the trucking industry than you may have thought, which is why, for one week out of the year, we celebrate national truck driver appreciation week.

Long-haul truckers are more than the truck they operate; they are unique individuals with unique stories, making a living on the road.

Talk of the Nation: The Hidden Lives of Long-Haul Truckers

In an NPR “Talk of the Nation” segment, host Rebecca Roberts interviewed Dan Hanson, fleet manager at Q Carriers, and Steve Russell, vice president at large at American Trucking Associations to share The Hidden Lives of Long-Haul Truckers.

Both Hanson and Russell shared some of their thoughts on what it is like to be a truck driver:

When asked what he found appealing about the job, Hanson said, “You are your own boss out there. You decide how to do things. For me, I like driving, and so I found a job that would pay me to do it…there is a lot of freedom. You decide your route. You decide when to start and stop, more or less. You are the boss. It is your business. You run it as a business, and how well you run your business determines if you’re profitable or not.”

As Hanson and Russell both noted, there are many positive aspects to a truck driving career. But it does take training to make a career out of truck driving.

In the past, the requirements for truck driving were more lenient, as Bear, a truck driver who called NPR during this segment, pointed out, “It used to be, when I started driving, all you had to do was pay $5 and get a chauffeur's license, and you were legally able to drive a truck.”

Now, most companies require their drivers to attend professional truck driving schools, like the one Daymar offers.1

How to Get Started as a Truck Driver

Does the thought of being your own boss and working on the open road as opposed to behind a desk seem appealing to you?

Daymar’s Truck Driving Academy can prepare you for a fast-moving truck driving career in as little as 20 days, that's only 160 hours. Soon enough you can be celebrated during national truck driver appreciation week!

With our experienced instructors, the Daymar Truck Driving Academy can help you develop your skills in the classroom and on the road.

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Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week!

At Daymar, we appreciate all of the dedicated men and women transporting goods across the country!