4 Ways to Perfect Your Resume for a Physical Therapist Assistant Job

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Daymar College

Physical therapy assistant helping elderly patient walk through parallel bars

Regardless of the industry and specific job you’re looking for, having a stand-out resume is necessary for a competitive job market. Though completing your education is a huge step toward starting your career, there are additional steps you can take to increase your chances of landing a physical therapist assistant job. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for physical therapy services is expected to increase in response to the health services required from an aging population, particularly the large baby-boom generation. Because many baby boomers are currently at the prime age for heart attacks and strokes, increasing the demand for cardiac and physical rehabilitation, these patients often need additional help in their treatment. The roles of physical therapist assistants will be crucial to rehabilitative health care.1

At Daymar, we understand that with the higher demand for physical therapist assistants, building a great resume to stand out among the competition is a top priority. Here are four tips for perfecting your resume:

Highlight the Skills You Gained at Daymar

Make sure that one of the star features of your resume are your key strengths and most desirable qualifications. Some of the skills you can learn from Daymar’s Physical Therapist Assistant program include gaining the knowledge necessary to successfully perform as a physical therapist assistant in various clinical, home health, sports, and school-based therapy settings. The program curriculum is designed to be relevant to current practice, and is solidly based in the evaluative criteria set forth by CAPTE, the professional organization for those employed in physical therapy careers, and outlined in the Normative Model of Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education. Through the training this program provides, you can fill your resume with an abundance of skills that will carry over well into a real-world position. 

Think Like the Employer

When you write your resume, try to think like your potential employer would. Hiring managers want to know what you have done and how well you have performed. Share some insight from your successful academic performance or any on-site experience you gained throughout your training program. Provide the employer with many reasons why they should hire you for the physical therapist assistant job. 

Some of these reasons may include: 

  • Related work experience
  • Types of rehabilitative treatments you are trained in administering 
  • Technology/equipment you are skilled in
  • Recognition you have received for outstanding academic performance

Target Your Resume to the Job Description 

Because your resume will likely only receive a quick scan when it first makes it into the hands of the employer2, it must immediately stand out and grab an employer's interest if it is to survive the first screening process. As you write your resume, keep this question in mind: “Why would the employer for this job want to see this skill or job experience on my resume?” If you have any skills or experience related to the physical therapist assistant job that a potential employer would be impressed with, include it!

Network and Get Your Resume Out There

According to a recent survey, at 85 percent, the number one way to find a job is through networking. So, what does this mean? Get your resume out there! Do you know anybody who works with physical therapists or in a health care setting? Give them your resume. Do you live near a physical therapist’s practice or a hospital? Drop your resume off. Share it with others!

The man behind the survey, CEO and best-selling author Lou Adler said, “Job seekers need to realize networking is not trying to meet as many people as possible. It’s about meeting a few well-connected people who can vouch for your ability and who are willing to refer you to a few other well-connected people.”3

Land the Physical Therapist Assistant Job!

Daymar’s Physical Therapist Assistant program in Tennessee paired with a stand-out, exceptional resume can have you well on your way to reaching the physical therapist assistant job you want! If you are ready to take the first step toward your career, contact us today!