5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Career College

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Daymar College

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Question 1: Does the Career College have the program I want to attend?

The main question you want to answer is whether the career college you want to attend offers the program you are interested in. Every career college specializes in different industries and programs. Each also works with different private institutions and employers in their geographic area to shape curriculum and identify technical skills need after graduation.

Daymar College offers a wide variety of degree programs for students of all interests from business programs, criminal justice, healthcare, health & wellness, technology & design, as well as truck driving. These diploma and degree programs can help to jump start your career in an office environment, in a medial setting, as a freelancer or consultant, or on the road as a commercial truck driver, depending on which route best suits your interests.

Question 2: Does the Career College offer hands-on training?

Hands-on training helps you take classroom instruction and put it to work in a real-world situation. It also gives you a head start to show your potential employer that you have previous experience.

Daymar College requires a professional internship or capstone to finish out most programs. A professional internship serves as the culminating and integrative experience of the career college program.

Question 3: Does the Career College offer career services to help get a job after graduation?

Will you be looking for a job after graduation? Does the career college support their alumni with career services and job placement? This is an important question to ask while researching career colleges.

Daymar College offers career preparation services including the opportunity for each graduating student to gain valuable work experience through internships with community agencies, businesses and organizations. In addition, Daymar College’s career services team helps prepare students for career success by providing interviewing tips, resume development and a host of other career preparation services to help you start your career after graduation. Daymar College’s career services department is a feature that provides all Daymar College students an edge in gaining employment in their field of study.

Question 4: Is the Career College flexible with my schedule?

Does the career college have a campus that is near you? Do they offer day and evening programs? Can you take classes online? Answering these questions will make completing the diploma and degree program easier.

Daymar College offers classes at 5 campus locations across the states of Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. Daymar College also offers most of their top programs online so you can attain your diploma or degree in the comfort of your own home.

Question 5: Does the Career College offer Financial Aid, Scholarships and other Financial Assistance?

Before you attend a career college, it is important to know your budget and how much financial assistance you may need. What are the scholarships that the career college offers? Are you eligible for loans, grants, federal student aid or military assistance?

Daymar College matches available funds to eligible students. Grants, loans and institutional tuition assistance/scholarships may be available in a variety of combinations to assist students and their families in obtaining funds to cover the cost of attending Daymar College. In addition, individuals with military affiliations may qualify for GI Bill or VA benefits to assist in paying for their education. Also, state funding and/or employer or private tuition assistance may be available.

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