Administrative Professional Spotlight: Julie Porter

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Daymar College

In honor of Administrative Professionals Week, Daymar College is honoring our Directors of First Impressions on multiple career college campuses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Administrative Professionals Week brings attention to the important role that administrators play in various sectors in the worldwide economy. On the Wednesday of the week, Administrative Professionals Day is usually observed in offices by treating administrators to lunch or giving gifts to show appreciation. We’re thanking our integral administrative professionals with public recognition for their contributions.

Julie Porter’s son started his student journey with a first impression. Was the school the welcoming environment he was looking for? Was he respected? Did it seem like a fun place to learn? Was it conducive to student success?

As Director of First Impressions at Daymar College in Clarksville, TN, Julie is responsible for making sure that every prospective student has the same favorable first impression that her son did when he made the decision to attend the career college.

“She is warm and friendly with all our students. She learns their names and she genuinely cares about them,” Campus President Katharine Purnell said.

Being the first person a Clarksville campus visitor interacts with, Julie sets the tone for the rest of a student’s experience at Daymar College. She recognizes the significance of her job and understands how her position “has an influence on a person’s decision.”

Her personal life and son’s success since graduating from Daymar College have taught her “just how important education is and to not to be judgmental in life.”Daymar College Director of First Impressions Julie Porter

At a nurturing career college, the Director of First Impressions is an ambassador for the school, one of the many staff and faculty members personally involved in student success.

“I am there to encourage students to not give up” she said.

Her most rewarding moment since coming to Daymar College 11 years ago was when a graduate came for a visit. When he started as a student, he walked or took the bus to the Clarksville campus, even during unpleasant weather. As a graduate, he showed up in a company car. He had become a professional, able to turn his Daymar College education into a career through hard work and perseverance.

“What a success story!” Julie said.

Though her job includes managing Clarskville campus student files and assisting with administration, Julie finds that being friendly and relatable are the most critical keys of her success in this role. Purnell explains that Julie works to build strong relationships with current and potential students, “Julie continuously provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. She also smiles and has fun at her job.”

With those characteristics — in addition to integrity, excellence at her role, and commitment to students — Julie personifies the core values of Daymar College. It’s not often that all those characteristics can be gleaned from a first impression.

Katharine calls her “the queen of Directors of First Impressions,” a living embodiment of Daymar College’s commitment to student success, starting with her own son.