Administrative Professional Spotlight: Natalie Marcum

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Daymar College

In honor of Administrative Professionals Week, Daymar College is honoring our Directors of First Impressions on multiple career college campuses in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Administrative Professionals Week brings attention to the important role that administrators play in various sectors in the worldwide economy. On the Wednesday of the week, Administrative Professionals Day is usually observed in offices by treating administrators to lunch or giving gifts to show appreciation. We’re thanking our integral administrative professionals with public recognition for their contributions.

The adage goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” As Director of Frist Impressions at the Bowling Green, KY college campus, Natalie Marcum delights in that part of the job.

“You’re not given a second chance in making a first impression, which is why it is so important to correlate in that first greeting who and what Daymar is here to accomplish,” Natalie said.

Daymar College provides a nurturing environment that is conducive to student success, and all this starts at the Bowling Green campus with Natalie. The first face students see when they arrive at the career college, Natalie welcomes them to the institution, guiding them wherever they need to go.

Natalie’s attitude and aptitude for helping people aligns with Daymar College’s eight core values, Campus President Bruce Wilkerson said. With Natalie at the front desk, those values are front and center. In addition to her direct Director of First Impressions Natalie Marcuminteraction with students, she contributes to their success by assisting the college admissions department. She tracks and reports student status so she can point them in the right direction or to the right department. Natalie maintains office supplies, assists in billing and payment, and overall, helps the department’s daily operations.

Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Operations Joel Musgrove describes her as a “team player.”

“Having 25 employees and 190 students on a campus requires someone in her position to be consistently available and reliable in directing a student in the right direction. Without the tenacity and drive to be a team player this would not be accomplished,” he said.

Even though her title is Director of First Impressions, Natalie continues to guide and support Bowling Green campus students much later than the impression stage, maintaining a strong relationship with them after they started their career training program.

“I think I understand that they are all different and could face obstacles and it’s important for me to always be there when they need support or guidance. I have always shown them respect and want them to feel comfortable and feel as if they matter because they do,” she said.

Natalie’s involvement with the Bowling Green campus students exemplifies Daymar College’s all-hands approach to student success. Creating a nurturing environment is not just the job of the instructors. We accommodate non-traditional students who may have a prolonged gap between high school and Daymar College, and need additional guidance and support to get reacquainted with the educational environment.

“We work as a team and it takes all of us,” Joel said.

It’s that institutional commitment to student success and a nurturing journey that Natalie enjoys at Daymar College.

“My proudest moment is when I see the student’s success and when I enrolled individuals in our high school diploma program and I was able to watch them graduate,” Natalie said.

From first impressions to lasting memories, Natalie Marcum is an integral part of the Daymar career college experience.