American Red Cross Blood Drive

Written by: 
Brenda Smith, Student Blogger

Daymar College Staff Member Donates Blood to American Red Cross Worker

Sometime last week, while in class, an office staff member came into the class room. She had two ladies with her. I thought "Oh boy, something exciting is about to happen!" The ladies said they are from the American Red Cross. They were asking to see who would be willing to donate blood at the blood drive that would be here at Daymar College on Wednesday May, 20th.

As I was pondering on rather I should give or not, I could not come up with a reason not to give. If you think about it how many people across the United States this American Red Cross blood drive could help, the answer was pretty clear. Several hands in the class room went up to sign the donation sheet including mine. This was awesome.

The big day arrived. The big American Red Cross Bus drove into the parking lot.

One by one they called us into the “take my blood “room. There were several students lined up and also staff. It was a great turn out.

The students and staff will never truly know how many people they helped with the blood they gave, but knowing we may have helped even just one person is enough. An American Red Cross Blood Drive is great for the community. You can do your part by just giving a few minutes of your time.

Daymar College is so great at reaching out to help the students and others; to show that this blood drive was just not for the students, the Campus President, Joel Musgrove was the first to give blood.

Daymar College believes in “Changing Lives...One Person At A Time”. Today the school stood by their beliefs and did just that, Changed a life by giving life-sustaining blood, “One Person At A Time “