Build Habits for Success

Written by: 
Greg Gabis

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day outThat first week went by fast! It’s a lot to figure out in just one week, especially if you’ve never been to college before. The research shows that it takes about three weeks to three months to create new habits. The small habits change quickly while the bigger habits take more time.

The small habits are just starting to build. Did you take the same route to the school each day? Did you park in the same parking spot each time? Did you sit in the same seat each class? That’s your subconscious mind building habits. If you had to figure those out each time, it can become overwhelming.

It’s hard work to learn when you are uncomfortable. As the weeks pass and your habits build, you will probably become more familiar with your surroundings and your new activities. This comfort zone helps free us from thinking about the small things. This freedom allows us to focus on new things and opens us up to learning.

Last week, I asked you to spend some time visualizing a successful future. Now you can continue to add detail to your visualization. Now you can add the image of the classroom, your teacher, your classmates and other things to help reinforce your new goals of getting an education.

We know from experience that attendance is related to success. Those that show up to class are more likely to earn better grades, learn more from the class and can be more prepared for their career than those that don’t. Frequent and regular attendance builds that set of habits that helps create success.

If you’re still feeling a little uneasy, maybe a little weird, that’s ok. We still have a few weeks to go until we have these new habits in place. In the meantime, keep breathing deep, imagine your successful future and just keep going to class. We’re all in this together.