Celebration of Life, Earth Day 2015

Written by: 
Brenda Smith, Bowling Green Campus student

Daymar College Bowling Green representatives plant Japanese Maple tree in honor of Criminal Justice Instructor Earnest JR Wilkins


Wednesday, April 22, 2015 was a beautiful, bittersweet day at Daymar College in Bowling Green.

It was Earth day and we celebrated the day by planting a Japanese Maple tree in the honor of former Bowling Green Criminal Justice Instructor, Earnest JR Wilkins, who passed away this April.

This Celebration of Life Ceremony was attended by Mr. Wilkin’s wife, Deborah, daughter, Jessica, the Mayor of Bowling Green, Bruce Wilkinson, Daymar College Chancellor, Dan Peterson, current and former students, as well as various Daymar College employees and Bowling Green community members.

As each of the attendees reflected back on the days when we each had an encounter with Mr. Wilkins. The smiles on the faces told the story of this great man. Just looking around and listening to the story of how this man embraced life, how he made a difference in each person that he came in contact with affected everyone, even those who didn’t know him very well.

This Daymar Campus is unlike any other colleges I have read about. Every staff member and teacher are such compassionate people. They care for one another. They care for each person that walks in the front door of this campus.

Today the campus could have just recognized today as Earth Day and just went on with class. Instead they took time out of the busy school day and celebrated the life of a former colleague, Earnest JR Wilkins.

 Mr. Wilkins you will always be in our hearts.