Daymar Celebrates Student Greatness

Written by: 
Brenda Smith, Student Blogger

Daymar College student Brenda Smith

A couple of weeks ago the office staff posted on the big bulletin board in the, what I call “the break room”, all the students who made the Dean’s List or Presidents list and had perfect attendance. I was so excited when I saw my name up there on that list. I took so many pictures of those list I almost burned up my phone (you thought I was old school and was going to say camera!). I was grinning all day. I called my husband, my son, anyone who would answer the phone. I even posted it on Facebook. I was so proud.

I was sitting in class and I was over hearing the other students talking about getting a letter in the mail saying they were invited to a "Celebration of Greatness Event". My big ears perked up and I listen so closely to see if I was hearing correctly. I thought to myself, “I hope I get that letter”. As soon as I got home I checked the mail box and it was not there. My heart fell down to my stomach. There has to be a mistake, surely I am going to be invited. I tossed and turn in bed that night thinking “Why? Oh why did I not get that wonderful, fabulous, it means you are smart, letter?”

The next day I was walking around the house with my head hanging down. I had called everyone; posted my big accomplishment on Facebook and now I was not invited to the Celebration of Greatness. Oh me, oh my, what am I going to do. All I could do was wait and see if the best mail man in the world was going to bring my letter. I heard the mail truck and I jumped off that comfy couch and walked as fast as my little legs would let me. I almost ripped off the door to the mail box hoping to have that letter. It was there. Let me repeat, it was there. I jumped, I danced, I almost (well you know when you jump and dance at my age what happens) so let’s not go there.

I posted on my Facebook page for all my friends and family to come to the Celebration of Greatness Event. It was to be on Thursday, right at lunch time. I was beyond excited, (and no, it was not because it was going to be held at lunch time) I was just so excited to get to be there.

The morning of the event I got up early, picked out the perfect outfit, styled my hair and I was ready to go. I looked at the clock and it was only 8:30, the event was not till 11:30 (I told you I was excited)

My husband and I arrived 20 minutes early; I was going to sit in the front row so I knew we had to get early enough to grab the best seat in the room.

We walked in and the room was decorated so nicely. They had a beautiful table with all of the certificates on them; they had a buffet table set up with drinks, food and my favorite, cake.

I was so nervous; I could not wait to hear my name called to come up front to receive my awards. You would think I was getting the Nobel Prize award.

They called each person who was to get a certificate and I waited and waited for my name to be called. There were so many students getting awards. As soon as it was called I jumped up and almost ran up to get it. I had a speech made out but, well you know, it was not all about me.

Here at Daymar, they really take care of their students. The faculty and staff are always looking for a way to let us know we are important and we can make a difference in this world.  I love it here. Because of the care and commitment of the staff I believe every student tries their best to make the Dean’s and President’s List and to strive for perfect attendance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


PS: I got my picture taken with the Campus President, Joel Musgrove. Love It !!!