Deciding to go Back to College

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Daymar College

It is that time of year when many of us decide to kick off a new year by making new goals. This may include new exercise programs, new hobbies, diets, and career choices.  Some of these changes may even include the decision to go back to college to earn your degree. You may be wanting to enhance the career you already have, or you might be taking on an entirely new career path. Either way, it's a challenge. 

If you have been out of school for a while, going back to school may seem a little intimidating, but rest assured we are here to help you make the right academic choice for your career goals.  Before you make the decision to go back to college, here are a few tidbits that will help guide you in the career and academic decision-making process:

Tip #1: Write down exactly what career(s) interest you.  I always tell future students to analyze and research their new career interest before talking with an Admissions Representative.  This ensures that you understand what your career entails, the benefits of the career choice, and the elements of the environment that you will be working in when you start your new career.  If you still have questions about the career field, we are here to help answer those questions for you.  An Admissions Representative can also set up a time for you to speak with a program leader in the career field that interests you.

Tip #2: Ask yourself: “Is this career choice a good fit for me personally, and for me and my family as a whole?

Tip #3: Ask your Admissions Representative any questions that you may have!   I always tell students to write their questions down before they meet with their Admissions Representative; this helps keep you on track while you are progressing and being admitted into your new academic program.

Tip #4: When you do decide to enroll, make sure you bring everything with you that your Admissions Representative asks for (paperwork etc).  If you make yourself a checklist and have all of the documents prior to enrollment, this will help your enrollment process move along smoothly; again, when in doubt, please ask!  We are here to help you!

Tip #5: Prepare Yourself:  Beginning a new career is exciting, and we fully understand that; however, we want to make sure that you are prepared before you begin your academic venture that is designed to help prepare you for your new career.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Going Back to School

  1. Am I prepared?   Do I have access to the Internet at home or elsewhere regularly that can help me complete research and homework assignments?  If my plan fails, do I have a backup plan? 
  2. Am I prepared?  Do I have proper transportation that can take me back and forth to my classes? 
  3. Am I prepared?  Can I schedule enough time per day to complete my coursework (1 to 2 hours per day?)
  4. Am I prepared?  Do I have a support system at home that will help encourage me as I progress through my classes?  (Remember, we will help support you as well!) 
  5. Am I ready to begin a new journey that can help me potentially find a new career or enhance my current career? 
  6. Am I ready to devote my time to achieve my goals, and am I ready to be successful?

Going to college requires some planning on everyone’s part.  This most important thing you have to ask yourself is “Are you ready to change your life, and the lives of those around you?”  Are you ready to let us help you change your life?  I am excited to say that we here at Daymar College have a great student support system, and we will do our very best to help you maintain a successful academic career path.    Welcome to Daymar College!