Diana's Experience with Daymar College

Written by: 
Shannon Gottke, Career Services Representative at Bowling Green Campus

What’s the Story? - August Edition

Every last person has a story.  Thoughts differ on how those stories are scripted.  Is it circumstantial?  Is it destiny?  It depends upon whom you ask and opinions can change over the course of a life.  Diana Bocock, like many of us followed the typical progression through her American childhood.  Elementary, middle, high school.  Check, check, check.  College.  Che….  Oops.  As sometimes happens, Diana found extracurriculars more compelling than academics and after a couple of enjoyable but unproductive years, concluded that the wisest course of action was withdrawal and work until she could make more concrete plans. 

Thus began a series of unremarkable jobs until she found herself married and starting a family.  In 2005, with one child and another on the way, she toyed with the idea of going back to school but was overwhelmed by the prospect of finding the time or the funding.  She filed the idea away for later consideration.  Fast forward five years; Diana, mother of two, was in a marriage that, though still intact, had started to creak a little.   She began to wonder how she would support her children should the need arise.  She had experience in hospitality, bartending and retail but her long held dream was to be a nurse.  Her situation, however, was not compatible with nursing school so she began to think about alternative positions in the medical field.  That’s when she hit upon the idea of becoming a clinical Medical Assistant and a plan was hatched; she would go back to school at 40 not only to support her children but to set an example for them as well.

Diana had had the “university experience” and knew that it wasn’t for her.  It was too big, too impersonal and too easy to become derailed.  So she checked out all the local alternatives and finally decided upon Daymar College.  She felt a connection there to the small classes and the personal approach to education. 

“Daymar was quick, hands-on and friendly and I just felt more invited.  Once I got started, it was even better than I expected.  If you asked, they went above and beyond.” The scheduling allowed her to finish quickly while enabling her to work and still have time for her family.  Every graduate of Daymar College is required to complete a minimum 90 hour internship in their field of study and Diana found placement in the office of Dr. Michael Collins of Bowling Green for hers.  She was able to interact with patients, assist in the running of the office and even accompany Dr. Collins on house calls.  Her site supervisor, Paula Plummer, was extremely happy with her, giving her the highest rating, and expressed regret that the office wasn’t in a position to hire her.  It was a busy life but with the help of caring and accommodating instructors, she finished in September 2012 with a degree in clinical Medical Assisting and a GPA of 3.96.  Shortly thereafter she passed her certification exam.  Diana Bocock, RMA was born.

Following graduation, Diana began to search in earnest for a permanent position.  Meanwhile, Dr. Indar Jhamb, who specializes in Allergy and Immunology, needed an RMA.  Dr. Jhamb approached Career Services at Daymar College, outlined his needs and requested that they send him candidates.  They immediately thought of Diana as a good fit for his requirements – mature and dependable with a great work ethic – and felt the practice was a good fit for her desire for a place where she could grow.  Both were looking for something that would last.  Following an interview, Dr. Jhamb and Diana decided upon a trial approach wherein each would get a realistic picture of the working relationship. 

Studies show that, above all, employers look to hire someone who will be a good fit for the environment they’ve created.  Harmony in the workplace is essential and this is especially true in healthcare.  Fortunately for all involved, Diana and this office fit like pieces of a puzzle and she was hired full time as a Registered Medical Assistant.

Diana’s duties include triage, mixing allergy vials, blood draws, administering injections and strep tests as well as answering phones, setting appointments and some payroll and billing work.  She has been praised by Dr. Jhamb for her warm nature and the way in which she puts patients at ease.  Diana loves her job and says that her career so far has met and exceeded her expectations.  “There is so much more to this field than I knew.  I learn daily.  As long as you’re willing, there will always be new things to learn.”  To those contemplating life changes she says, “Always follow your gut.  It will tell you what path you should take.”  She has not abandoned her dream of nursing school and sees it as a possibility for the future.

As a bonus, after she was hired, Diana was able to recommend and mentor another Daymar College intern.  Scarlett Eadens joined the office staff first as a Medical Assisting intern and, upon completion of her internship, was hired as an RMA.   In both of these cases, hands-on education followed by internship facilitated a natural evolution from classroom to employment.  This success story is just one of many illustrations of Daymar College’s mission statement: “We Change Lives . . . One Person at a Time.” 

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