Feature: Janiqua Wilson, Assistant Director of Admissions Mufreesboro, TN Campus

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Daymar College

What makes a great admissions representative?

Being invested in what you're doing. The most important thing is to invest, not just your time, but in the students who you're working for.

What is your favorite program to enroll for and why?

The Medical Assisting program. I have a connection with it because my mom is a nurse. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the medical assisting job outlook will grow much faster than the average field, so the job prospects are great. It's one of our most popular programs. I truly admire people who provide healthcare, since it's not a strength of mine. 

What constitutes a great interview with a prospective student? 

A great interview isn't always just about enrolling the student: making sure all of their questions are answered, making sure the student is comfortable and that they understand the opportunities available to them, that's what constitutes a great interview. The student's comfort level is my top priority. As long as the person gets what they came for, even if it's just to have questions answered, that's how I know I've provided a great interview. 

What constitutes a great tour?

Seeing a prospective student experience our campuses first-hand is a great opportunity for them to see the type of equipment available on our campuses, and making sure that the prospective student visits the classes that they are interested in is part of a great tour. If a student is interested in medical assisting or dental assisting, we make sure they get to see our labs and the equipment that they'd be working with at school.  

Tell me about your most rewarding moment involving a student, as an admissions representative? 

The very first student I enrolled became a work-study at Daymar College. The most fulfilling thing is whenever I see him he says "If it wasn't for J, I wouldn't be here". Knowing that I've helped him change his future is very rewarding. 

What makes a successful student? 

Determination. You've gotta keep showing up and try your hardest every day. I feel like if you do that, it teaches you to be successful. Here at Daymar, our staff is available to assist you with challenges to help you push through and succeed. If you're doing your part, we've got your back, and you have the opportunity to succeed. 

How does the Daymar Mission of ‘Changing lives, one person at a time’, fit into your philosophy as an ADA (Associate Director of Admissions)?
My reason for coming into this profession is to assist people in finding their career path. There are so many people who struggle with identifying their career and college options. We really don't change lives ONE person at a time because when you improve someone's career path you improve the lives of those around them, their children, their spouses, their families, so really - it's not just one person whose life has been changed. 

The most important thing is that we want to see our students succeed. If you show up and put forth the effort, we're going to assist you with crossing the finish line. If you're doing your part, we will do ours. Many of our students have never had a positive experience at an educational institution, or have felt that they didn't fit in at larger schools. The atmosphere at Daymar College is one of support. We're here for our students, and we want to provide an opportunity that they have a strong future and a great educational experience.