FBI Hostage Negotiation Training: Bowling Green Criminal Justice Program at Daymar College

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Daymar College

During a TV interview with Professor Flener, the Program Director of the Criminal Justice Program at the Bowling Green campus of Daymar College, Nicki Romano of Southern Kentucky WNKY-TV Channel 40 talked about the FBI Hostage Negotiation Training conducted by the Kentucky State Troops, Kentucky Police Officers and Kentucky Correctional Officers at the Bowling Green campus all this week.  The training allows the criminal justice students to get a “real world view” of the criminal justice field. In addition to the training, students visit prisons in Kentucky and talk to local law enforcement. Professor Flener always takes students on field trips to get hands-on experience from law enforcement professionals.

Professor Flener practiced law in Ohio for almost 10 years before becoming the Program Director at the Bowling Green campus in January 2016. The Criminal Justice Program, at the Bowling Green campus, now has 47 students with attendance up from eight in less than two years. Professor Flener offers students hands-on learning by setting up crime scenes, collecting and cataloguing evidence, studying forensics, taking fingerprints, conducting experiments, doing class projects and having guest speakers from all aspects of criminal justice.

The Criminal Justice field is growing fast and jobs are in high demand. At Daymar College, students have the option of working toward a diploma or Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. The Criminal Justice program is appropriate for entry-level positions in police patrol, law enforcement operations, private investigation, corrections, victim’s advocacy and assistance programs, juvenile corrections, private and industrial security, court administration, loss prevention and entry-level investigative compliance. These classes are designed for full-time students to complete the program in 12 months. Daymar College also offers an Online Criminal Justice Program focused on Law Enforcement, Corrections and Juvenile Justice.

Professor Flener is proud of her students and the growth of the program. She explains, “My favorite part is seeing my students succeed. They enjoy all the things that we do and to see them be able to graduate and go out into the world and get a job they really want and make a difference in the criminal justice field, that’s my favorite part.”

To see the TV interview, visit the WNKY-TV Channel 40 website.