Graves Gilbert Clinic + Daymar College = Jobs Saved

Written by: 
Shannon Gottke

There’s high tech and then there’s HITECH.   On one hand you have “high tech”, a newer, sleeker, approach to everyday living.  On the other hand you have “HITECH” which is a sleeker way to say “Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health”.  We all know that the former can either make your life easier or make you want to pull your hair out.  The latter, however, is a rule recently adopted that in layman’s terms  means that when you go to a doctor or healthcare provider, the person entering your information and orders (x-ray, lab, etc.) into that fancy-pants electronic medical record must be a licensed professional (doctor or nurse) or a credentialed non-licensed professional (such as a Medical Assistant).  When it comes to healthcare, high tech is not enough to make you HITECH! 

What does this mean to you?    It means that the person ordering your tests has been not only properly trained but also properly credentialed.  How does this credentialing take place?  Can an employer wave a magic wand to cast a certification?  The certification must come from someone other than the employer; it must come from a national organization accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  Let’s all pause here to say a word of thanks for acronyms.  One such certifying agency is American Medical Technologists (AMT) whose Registered Medical Assistant certification program has been NCCA-accredited since the inception of that accreditation.

Dozens of Medical Assistants at Graves Gilbert Clinic are affected by the implementation of this new rule and the clinic must comply by the year 2015 or face Medicare payment penalties.  In order to be qualified to sit for the RMA exam, one must either complete a full medical assistant training program such as the one offered by Daymar College, or have been employed in the field for more than five years. 

If you are Graves Gilbert Clinic and you have to make a choice between losing dozens of valued employees or losing payments from Medicare and Medicaid, what do you do?  Do you lose funding?  Do you systematically replace these valued and trusted employees?  Absolutely not.  You collaborate with Daymar College and Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) to offer those employees the opportunity to enroll in a Medical Assisting Diploma program which will qualify them to take the Registered Medical Assisting exam.   Why entrust Daymar College with the medical assistant training?   Daymar College is accredited and well equipped for the training because every graduate of Daymar College’s Medical Assisting program is eligible to sit for the RMA exam.

“Providing instruction for the Graves Gilbert Clinic students has been a delight,” says Lisa Young, Program Leader at Daymar College.  “These students are eager to complete the Medical Assistant Diploma to advance their careers and maintain their current employment positions,”

The benefits of the program can outweigh the obvious inconveniences of juggling jobs, families and, now, additional education.  The program is helping them learn more about their chosen field of Medical Assisting as well as providing them the opportunity to be paid to further their educations. 

Graves Gilbert Clinic, Daymar College and these ambitious students have come together in a true example of synergy to accomplish a goal that will prove beneficial to an entire community. 

Learn more about the Medical Assisting Program at Daymar College.