How does being left brained or right brained influence your career choice?

You may not even think of it, but who you are as a person reflects largely on whether you’re a left-brained or a right-brained thinker. It’s true. How you solve problems, work with others and carry out the overall operation of a project from start to finish is all reflected in either hemisphere of that noggin of yours.

So, if your daily life revolves around which side of the brain you utilize more, then your choice of career is probably a strong reflection of the your cranium’s intricacies, too.

Left brainers – you’ve got a plan in place and know how to get there

Think about it – if you consider yourself a logical, sequential, analytical and objective person who loves solving problems through data analysis, then you’re about as far left brained as possible. You stick to functioning by the book, never straying far from what makes sense. As a result, your choice in career is going to mirror those traits. You probably love working with computers and find using Excel therapeutic, whereas most right-brained people would want to throw their computer out the window when working in Excel. If you’re a left-brain thinker, technical careers in network support administration and information technology are perfect for your mechanical thinking.

As a network support administrator, you can apply your sequential and analytical left-brain thinking much like a computer – installing software, configuring or operating small networks, and helping others solve network support needs.  Where there’s a definite problem, there’s a concrete solution and a preprogrammed path to solve it.

Right brainers – what happens, happens, and you’re along for the ride

However, if you’re the opposite and view yourself as a random, on-the-whim person who loves being subjective and imaginative, then you are a right brainer all the way. You operate by what feels right and tend to be a creative individual. When a bowl of macaroni calls for a cup of milk, you don’t measure it out, you eyeball what seems appropriate. As a result, your choice in career has to play to this sense of freedom and creativity. You probably love design and creating things that are totally new and innovative rather than contrived and part of the norm. If you’re a right-brain connoisseur, careers that offer you the chance to utilize your creativity, like graphic design, are going to be of greatest interest to your personality. In fact, you can use that right brain of yours as a cloud in your creative brain storm as you produce appealing designs, stunning motion graphics and user-friendly website creations on a daily basis. After all, you know what they say – when it brains, it storms!

Whether you’re a left brainer or a right brainer, there’s a career out there for you, and Daymar College in Bowling Green has a program that can fit your brain type – left or right. All you’ve got to do is find out which you are and contact us with what program you’re interested in – we’ll take it from there. And remember, left brained or right brained, it doesn’t matter because it takes both to make the world work!