How a Shift in Demographics is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Unquestionably, the population of this country is aging. Statistics show that by 2030, one in five Americans will be 65 or older. Over time, the shift in demographics is expected to continue for an extended period of time, before stabilizing or reversing. With a growing population of senior citizens comes a higher demand for people who care for them. Already there are fears of a nursing shortage, as well as a shortage of doctors, caregivers and all the other professions which support the medical industry. All this should make it very evident that the healthcare industry is a prime one to become involved in, and an excellent choice for students looking to choose a career where their services will be in great demand.

Nursing Associates Degrees

The aging population, among other factors, contributes to an increased demand for nurses. Career college students targeting an Associates Degree in Nursing can either be complete beginners to nursing, or those who are already Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

Students can get an associate degree in nursing at a university campus, community college, technical school, or through online associate nursing programs. These nursing degree programs take approximately two years to complete, and includes general education along with the medical and administrative training necessary for an entry-level position in the nursing field. 

Medical Assistant Programs

Virtually every medical facility in the country needs medical assistants, including physicians' offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical laboratories, and nursing care facilities. Because of the rapidly aging population in this country, many of these facilities are being filled to capacity each and every day, because in general, seniors have more frequent need of such services.

There are many schools in the US offering Medical Assistant Programs, either in classroom settings or through online medical assistant programs, because the position has become so necessary and critical for different medical facilities around the country. Physicians rely on medical assistants to process incoming patients, prepare them for exams and special procedures, interview and record patients' histories, obtain vital signs from patients prior to the doctor consultation, measure blood pressure, height, weight and temperature, and to perform routine clinical tasks in the facility. 

In a high-quality program at a reputable medical assistant school, career college students can have the opportunity to learn principles of pharmacology, laboratory procedures, medical law, patient care, and health sciences to prepare them for a future as a medical assistant. Upon completion of a medical assistant program, you would be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam, or the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant exam, either of which prepares you for a career in healthcare. With the tremendous demand for these professionals in every state of the union, a medical assistant can pick and choose the location of desire, and usually even the type of facility that he/she prefers to work in.

Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

Another healthcare field that will feel the impact of an aging population are the medical professionals who help seniors deal with their own pressures caused by aging. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available for physical therapist assistants and aides will grow by 40% by 2024 to more than 180,000 jobs.  That’s about 33% higher than the average projected growth rate for all occupations.

Physical therapy assistants help provide the care patients need to regain movement and manage pain caused by a health-related condition or injury. If your searching for Physical Therapy Assistant Programs, find an accredited school which provides both the knowledge and hands-on training needed to care for these patients.

The Future Is Now

There are many other careers in healthcare that will be in high demand with a forecasted influx of patients. For example, every healthcare facility needs qualified billing and coding specialists to process patient records and insurance information. Hospitals need healthcare administration professionals to lead and manage healthcare systems. If you’re interested in seeking dental or medical assistant training, statistics show an 18% growth in dental assistant jobs and a 23% spike in medical assistant career opportunities by 2024.

Now is without a doubt the right time to pursue a career in healthcare, because of the major shift in demographics and growing number of opportunities in the industry all around the country. Healthcare is not a field which flourishes in any particular section of the country, but is in demand in every state and every city in the US, which means no matter where you live, there will be demand for your skilled services.

This kind of demand for skilled medical personnel makes this field an excellent compensation opportunity. An investment of as little as two years of education can literally put you in the driver's seat in the future, with a solid career path and an ongoing need for your skills into the foreseeable future.

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