Written by: 
Brenda Smith, Student Blogger

Last week as I arrived at the Daymar campus in Bowling Green, I saw a notice on the front door. I actually took time to read it. It read, Graduation for Daymar students will be held on July 11th at Hillvue Heights Church. I thought to myself, “that's nice”, and moved on. As I walked the halls I noticed this same notice on all the class room doors, in the break room, even on the bathroom stall doors. I thought to myself, “Enough already, there is going to be a graduation, big deal.” I thought that because being the person I am, if it did not pertain to me then, so what?

As the day went by I noticed that there was a lot of energy in the air about this graduation day. As I walked the halls, my big old ears perked up and I started hearing about how big the ceremony was going to be. It piqued my interest. I decided then and there I was going to go to see what all the fuss was about.

Saturday morning arrived. I actually was excited to attend this grand event. I have never been to a college graduation ceremony so this was going to be a new adventure for me. Like I said, if I can make it about me, it changes everything.

I drove to the place of the event and I could not believe how many cars were in the parking lot. This parking lot is huge. People were streaming in from every direction.

I got out of my car and walked as fast as my short legs would walk. There were so many people. As I arrived at the door of the building, there must have been over a hundred people waiting in line just to get a seat. I was getting over-the-top-excited.

I took my seat in the balcony, I thought I would be able to sit up close, but oh well. There was so much anticipation around me that I was beginning to think this was way more than just a normal graduation ceremony.

Suddenly there was a hush in the air.  The Master of Ceremony, Ms. Tina Lynch welcomed all the families to the 2014-2015 graduating class of, now get this, not only from Bowling Green but from all the surrounding campuses in Kentucky; there were 250 students graduating today.

I watched as the Warren Central High School Color Guard presented the flag. I listened as Mr. Alphonse Prather sang the Star Spangle Banner and Reverend Richard Hale led us in the opening prayer.

Mr. Joel Musgrove, Regional Vice Chancellor-Kentucky Campuses, presented the Welcoming Remarks. As he talked to the students and had them cheer, I AM DAYMAR, it took all I had not to jump up and shout that I am also Daymar, but I knew it was not about me.

Next there were four students speakers, Melissa Reynolds, Charlene Boyd, Kathy Dismon and Rebecka Ditsworth. Each spoke about their time at Daymar and what it meant to them.


The Commencement Address was given by Dr. Lance Garrison, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Operations. He told us about his early childhood and a letter he wrote his sister on her graduation day. One of his quotes was "if you want to accomplish something you must get started". This stuck with me all day.

The big moment for me was the Presentation of Degrees and Diplomas. I listened so intently to the honors that each graduate had earned, I even took notes. I am bound and determined that when I walk on that stage in the summer of 2016, that I will be receiving each and every honor that can be earned.

I am so glad that I attended this most graceful, wonderful, exciting graduation.

To each of my fellow classmates, this will be you also. Just get into all that Daymar has to offer and run with it. Make every moment you have count while you attend. Get the best out of each class. You want to be able to say “I AM DAYMAR!”