Inside Guide to Hiring: 4 Interview Steps to use as a Human Resources Manager

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Daymar College

Ready to get started as a Human Resources Manager? Have you been interviewed before and want to switch to be the interviewer? This hiring guide will give you the inside track to be a better interviewer and pick the best candidates for you company.

The Resume Review Guide

The first thing for a Human Resources Manager to do is understand what kind of candidate you are looking for and make a list of bullet points that define that candidate. Don’t forget that the candidate is also reviewing you and your company so take the time to write a thoughtful job description.

Once the Human Resources Manager starts receiving resumes they can weed out candidates for spelling and grammar errors and lack of relevant experience or skills. Also, they must review the cover letter to understand whether the candidate understands the Human Resource Manager’s company, industry and competitors. Narrow your stack of resumes to a manageable amount as there are many more steps in the interviewing process.

The Phone Interview Guide

Interviewing candidates in person is a big commitment in time and money. Make sure you vet your candidates thoroughly during the phone interview stage. During the phone interview, the Human Resources Manager must qualify a candidate based on skills, experience, motivation, professionalism and salary expectations. If they are not a good fit disqualify them from an in-person interview. There are four elements of an effective telephone pre-screening:

The Introduction – The Human Resources Manager introduces themselves, the company and the position being filled.

The Human Resources Manager’s Questions – The Human Resources Manager must prepare for the question section of the phone interview, understand the core competencies of the job and what the company is looking for in a candidate. Do they meet all the minimum requirements? Do they sound passionate and interested in working for the company? Are they fit the culture of the company?

The Candidate’s Questions – The candidate should have done their research and let it show while they ask questions. Do they ask enough questions? Are they asking the right questions?

The Closing – Always allow time to evaluate candidates and decide how many to bring in to the in-person interview. If the Human Resources Manager thinks the candidate is a good fit they should sell the company. Don’t forget that the candidate is interviewing the company too. Finally, leave the candidate with a good impression of the company even if they don’t make it to the next round of interviews.

The In-Person Interview Guide

During this interview, it is the Human Resource Manager’s chance to get honest responses and to see reactions to questions. It is also a stage for the candidate to show off their professionalism and communication skills. The Human Resources Manager should feel comfortable working with the candidate, the candidate should have the skills and experience needed to be successful at the company and most importantly that they fit with the culture of the company. The Human Resources Manager must make sure the candidate fits into the company as hiring and training can be costly and the company doesn’t want to train a new employee only to see them walk away before they contribute to the organization.

The Reference Interview Guide

If the candidate is a fit for the company, a Human Resources Manager should call all the references given by the candidate to get feedback from colleagues to better integrate them into the organization. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses so you can train them to succeed in their new position. This step also gives you some time to think about the candidate since the Human Resources Manager doesn’t want to offer the position on the spot.

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