Bowling Green 2015 Winter Term Student Success - Brenda Smith

Written by: 
Brenda Smith, student

Hello my name is Brenda Smith. I am a college student at Daymar College and soon to be 60 years old.  I have been out of school for 42 years. I never thought I would attend college, but I love taking classes at Daymar. I feel as if I am part of a family at Daymar. There has not been a time that I needed help in getting in the groove and someone there didn’t reach out to me and make me feel welcome.

In 1997 I began a career that I thought would take me through retirement. Last year I had shoulder surgery and I was off work for 13 weeks and due to the nature of the business I was terminated. I may have had a job for the past 17 years but I was not formally trained for the job. I was a natural sales person and due to my abilities I was moved up the rank. This meant that I was not qualified for any other type of job that I wanted. I applied for unemployment insurance. and tried to find a job but after no luck, I finally decided I needed a college education in order to get a job that was in demand and a great salary.

            I went to talk to members of BRADD. I needed a college degree if I was going to be able to get a job that did not require flipping burgers. As a dislocated worker they were able to help me. I was given several schools to choose from. I visited Bowling Green Tech, Ross Medical, Western Kentucky University and of course Daymar.  After I met with Jeff from Daymar I knew it was the place for me.

My first tour of the school really impressed me. I loved the friendliness of all the staff and teachers.  I knew that with the smaller class rooms and the one on one interaction between the teachers and the student, I would be able to apply myself and succeed.

I’ve loved each of my classes. I have maintained an A average and not only have I learned what was being taught but I applied what I learned to several other classes. I have never taken a Microsoft class, I just winged it in my past job, but that was the class I loved the most. I used what I learned from Microsoft class and applied it to my Public Speaking class by utilizing the skills and techniques to create my speech outline and the teacher in Public Speaking was really impressed. I also used what was taught in my Strategies s for Success class in my Public Speaking Class. By applying what I learned from Strategies for Success I was able to get in front of the class and give my speech with confidence.

I believe that by attending Daymar College I will be able to obtain the job I really want and not just memorize what is being taught but learn it and apply it to whatever I may need to succeed.