Madisonville 2015 Winter Term Student Success - Kathleen Hyatt

Written by: 
Lushun Strange, Madisonville Student Worker

Kathleen Hyatt, a soon to be graduate of Daymar College Madisonville, is looking forward to starting her career in the criminal justice field, “I’ve got a couple investigation positions I’m looking at.” Kathleen told her Campus Dean, Teresa Levesque. Even though her spring 2015 graduation is just around the corner, she is still hard at it; continuing to volunteer at her internship site as she completes her final two classes. Kathleen loves doing her internship at a local law office and hopes to go from intern to full time employee soon. “She has been a joy to have on campus and witness her success” commented Teresa.


Kathleen has had struggles along the way; working a full time job and trying to fit class, homework, children and a new granddaughter into her busy schedule. But even with all this she has still kept at it, getting her degree in order to follow her dream of a career in criminal justice.  Even though she is happy to be graduating, she is sad to leave the college she loves and the staff and people that helped her get where she is today. Kathleen sees the Madisonville campus and its staff as more than just instructors and employees, she sees them as family. She will be missed when she becomes a proud graduate of Daymar College Madisonville.

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