Meet Daymar Student Lae Chomsavanh: Running on a Full Tank of Gas

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What do you do when you have a full tank of gas? For Lae Chomsavanh, a business management student at Daymar, she takes advantage of it. As a mother of four, Chomsavanh is as busy as busy gets. But she still makes time for her education to set a good example for her daughters. When Chomsavanh stumbled upon a Daymar campus, she instantly knew it would be a good fit for her and has been actively working toward her goals ever since. 

We had a chance to learn a little bit more about Chomsavanh’s experience as a student at Daymar: 

Daymar College: Why did you decide to pursue your education? What made you pick Daymar?

Lae Chomsavanh: The reason I decided to pursue my education is because I want more than average. I have a motto “If you can do it, I can do it too – if not better!” That might sound a little aggressive, but I am very competitive, and I love challenges. I picked Daymar because of the vibe you get when you walk in the doors. It’s friendly and warm. Everyone here is very sincere, passionate, and they really love and genuinely care for the students. 

DC: What were you feeling prior to starting the program and why? What do you like best about Daymar? About your particular degree program?

LC: Prior to starting the program, I was a little indecisive because I always wanted to finish my nursing degree. I was in and out of school for five years prior to finding Daymar. One day something told me to turn on a road, and I saw the sign and school. I did my research, and Daymar offered health care-focused programs. However, I chose [a business degree] because I believe that with business management I can still work in a health care setting as well and not just have a degree that is only for health care.

Once I started the program, I was super excited because my journey to success had started, and now the second semester is almost over and that is two steps closer to the grand prize. I have to graduate before my oldest goes to college. 

DC: Describe the support you have received from the faculty and staff at Daymar. Is there anyone specific who has been a particular help to you?

LC: What I like best about Daymar is the class environment. I love our interactions and seeing different views. I like knowing how different people think. I also get to meet amazing people. The best part of business management is how you can use it in many different fields. 

Wow! The support I have received from the faculty and staff at Daymar is over the top. My instructors, Mr. Arnett, Miss Ellis, Buffy and Mr. Turner were helpful and very patient with the class. I worry a lot, and they all have helped me relax and assure me that I will be ok. Johanna and Tash, who work the front desk, also make sure to always be there with a smile and to help if there is anything that you need. Not to mention our President, Mr. Joel Musgrove, is just amazing. Everyone has an open-door policy, so you can come to them with anything.

DC: How do you stay motivated?

LC: To stay motivated, I think positive and cut everything out that may cause stress. I wake up and thank God every morning that I get to see another day. I try my hardest and best on everything because in my mind, right now, failure is not an option.

DC: Describe your life and schedule outside of your schoolwork.

LC: My life and schedule outside of schoolwork is hectic, but it keeps me on my toes and keeps me going. I honestly do not have “Me Time.” I work in the mornings, have class at night and work after class. I have four girls who help me stay grounded. 

DC: What is your proudest accomplishment?

LC: My proudest accomplishment is taking another chance and enrolling at Daymar. I must maintain my GPA and make sure I finish school and graduate. I want to set an example for my girls and encourage them do even better than what I have achieved.

DC: What are your goals after you complete your degree?

LC: After I complete my degree, I want to go back to school and get my nursing degree. I have an Aesthetics License, so with a business management degree and nursing degree, I would like to open a medical cosmetic shop in the future.

DC: Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school?

LC: My advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school is “DO IT!” It’s never too late; it cannot do anything but help you. True, we all will have some moments when we struggle, but anything that is worth having is worth fighting for. The end results will be much greater. 

DC: What are you most passionate about? What drives you in life?

LC: I am most passionate about my responsibilities in all aspects: schooling, work and family. I take pride in everything I do. Seeing others who have succeeded is what drives me in life. It makes you want to work harder so you can be successful, if not greater than your idols. 

DC: If someone is telling the story of you, what’s the number one thing you want the listener to know about you?

LC: If someone is telling a story of me, the number one thing I want the listener to know is that I am like Skittles! I am very vibrant, and I always see the sunshine when it is a cloudy day. You always must have some color to brighten yourself up.

DC: Do you have a tip that could help other students like you?

LC: What I find very helpful is to think about when I have a full tank of gas. When I have a full tank of gas, I want to go as far as I can go. Some might want to go on a road trip or a mini getaway. This is how I treat my classes. When I have the gas tank on full, I make sure I post my discussion and assignments ahead of time. 

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