Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook: What You Need to Know

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pharmacy technician job outlook

Do you want a career that can help improve the lives of others? Fortunately, the current pharmacy technician job outlook is in good shape. You have the opportunity to have a stable, dependable career and can help others receive the quality care they need. 

As a pharmacy technician, you will use your customer, personal service and medical skills to:

• refill prescription medication requests 
• prepack bulk medicines 
• fill bottles with prescribed medications 
• answer questions and requests
• maintain proper storage for drugs

Mike Johnston, chairman and CEO of the National Pharmacy Technician Association said, “One of the most challenging aspects [of the job] comes down to maintaining knowledge on all the changes that occur within the field. Pharmacy practice changes on a weekly basis with new generics and new drugs.”1

With job training from a pharmacy technician program, like the one Daymar College offers, you can be prepared to succeed in your career. 

Here’s a look at the current pharmacy technician job outlook:

Top Industries that Employ Pharmacy Technicians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the industries that employ the most pharmacy technicians are:

• Pharmacies and drug stores
• General medical and surgical hospitals
• Other general merchandise stores
• Grocery stores
• Department stores

While some pharmacy technicians work in grocery stores and department stores, the current pharmacy technician job outlook recognizes that a majority of pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, drug stores and hospitals. 

Though pharmacy technicians are not the sole dispensers of medications, they assist pharmacists in measuring, mixing, counting and labeling dosages of medications. 

Similar Occupations

The pharmacy technician job outlook is comparable to other health care occupations including:

• Dental Assistants: dental assistants help with the delivery of dental treatment and function as an essential part of a dental team. Check out Daymar College’s Dental Assisting program for more information. 
• Medical Assistants: medical assistants work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, home health agencies and other allied health organizations to assist with client care. Daymar College offers two different Medical Assisting programs.
• Billing and Coding Specialists: these medical professionals handle medical and billing information to ensure proper billing for both physicians and patients. Daymar College offers three different Billing and Coding Specialist programs

Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook

Pharmacy technician employment is projected to grow faster than the national average at nine percent between 2014 and 2024. 

There are currently 372,500 pharmacy technician positions nationwide, which will grow to 407,200 positions within that 10-year time frame. One of the biggest causes for this increase in employment is due to the aging baby-boom generation. In addition, higher rates of diseases such as diabetes will lead to a higher demand in prescription medications.2

Pharmacists will rely on pharmacy technicians to adequately perform tasks including, collecting patient information, preparing various types of medication, and helping pharmacists and fellow pharmacy technicians.

What are Employers Looking for?

You do not need to be an IT expert to succeed as a pharmacy technician, but there are some technology skills that are preferred or required from most job candidates as technology continues to play an increasingly important role in the health care industry. 

Some of the technology used by pharmacy technicians include:

• Accounting software
• Database user interface and query software
• Label-making software
• Medical software
• Spreadsheet software

At Daymar College, our programs are designed to prepare you to successfully fulfill your tasks as a pharmacy technician. Our curriculum includes courses such as Computer Applications, so you can work with the technology crucial to your career. 

At Daymar College, We’re Ready to Help!

Many people find that their current occupation has them in a position that offers little movement or ability for career growth.

At Daymar College, with our Pharmacy Technology Diploma program, Pharmacy Technology Associate of Science Degree Program and Health Care Administration – Pharmacy Technology Bachelor of Science Degree Program you have freedom to take one step at a time to grow in your education and in your career.

The pharmacy technician job outlook is good, so take advantage and begin your new career!

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