From Sergeant to Student: Eileen Jager's Journey to a College Degree

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Daymar College

Eileen Jager

After 10 years as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic in the U.S. Army, Sgt. Eileen Jager found herself at a crossroads. She had enlisted in the Army at the age of 30, earned a prestigious rank and was a mentor and leader to many soldiers. 

However, when her time in the Army came to an end, she was without a degree or any kind of certification and struggled to find work. But when she envisioned herself in health care position she started on a new journey to make it happen.

Daymar is near my home, and I’ve heard quite a few excellent things about the school, so I stopped in,” Jager said. “The staff who gave me a tour and talked through potential degree options with me made me comfortable and confident in the quality of education I would receive. Also, Daymar is a Yellow Ribbon School, so with my GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program, I knew that I could get a great education without having to go into debt!”  

That quick tour led to Jager enrolling in the Pharmacy Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

“An AAS in pharmacy technology is a program that allows someone with no medical background to understand the principles of the pharmaceutical industry and how they relate to medication dispensing. No matter what level of understanding you begin with, the end result is a solid grounding in the professional aspects of a growing career field,” Jager said. 

To Jager, this is more than an open door to an entirely new career. At 41, she is proud to have received her first college degree. And she plans to do more. 

“I’m not done yet. I’ve changed my direction and my career more than a few times in my life. I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished, and I’m looking forward to what else I can do,” she said. 

Her accomplishments would not have happened without the support of her family. 

After meeting her husband in the military, they both endured Permanent Change of Station and orders to deploy separately. Their relationship remained strong throughout the challenges, so the two married and settled down in Clarksville. A while later, Jager and her husband had two sons. At that time, she decided the Army life was no longer for her.

 “My family is incredibly important to me. Though all my choices are my own, without regret, I take the needs of my family into consideration with every choice,” Jager said. 

One of these choices was her decision to get her degree at Daymar College.

“A Daymar education means I have skills to begin a completely new career and the degree to prove it,” she said. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my post-military job search, it’s that without a degree or certification, no one is interested in what you say you can do.”

While this was a hard reality for Jager to face, she found a way to create her own success and become the candidate that employers look for. 

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