Are You Ready to Take the Step Towards Attending College?

Written by: 
Shannon Gottke

What’s the Story? - September Edition

Daymar College students studying at library roundtableI’ve reached a point in my life where the next logical step is college and I want to: 

(pick all that apply)

1.       Try communal living

2.       Try the meal plan diet

3.       Go Greek!

4.       Look for a significant other 

5.       Party!

6.       Look for my calling

7.       Find a roommate to give me an auxiliary wardrobe 

8.       All of the above

Or I’ve reached a point in my life where circumstances demand the next step because I:

(pick all that apply)

1.       Have a family that is dependent upon me 

2.       Have roots in my community and want to improve my situation without moving  

3.       Want a new career and want it fast

4.       Have a plan for my life which requires further training to fulfill 

5.       All of the above

Different strokes.  When I personally started attending college straight from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do and it was presented to me as a buffet of life’s experiences.  It was to be a time of self-discovery and of goal building.  What it actually turned into was the discovery of late nights with no curfew and all the attendant delights.  I had no idea what I wanted to do or be or have.  Eventually, I chose a major, but unfortunately, in the years that followed I realized that I was fundamentally unsuited for that field. However, by the time I reached that conclusion I was far too close to graduation to change majors – especially in light of the fact that I still didn’t have a better idea of what to do. 

I will never regret the pursuit of my degree but I have many times wondered what I might have become if I had begun with a clearer idea of what the future could hold.  What I most appreciate about the students I encounter at Daymar College is that they are following a dream, not just spinning their wheels waiting for a dream to find them.  The majority of students that I have met at Daymar College are students who have already put down roots, know what they want, and know for whom their hard work will pay off.  They’re not looking for new horizons; they’re looking to enrich the lives they’ve already built.  What are some of the factors to consider when you’re looking for the right school?

1.       Size matters.   Are you at ease with being another face in the crowd?  Do you seek anonymity or do you prefer a teacher who knows your name and gives out his cell phone number in case you have questions?

2.       Field of study.  Does the school you attend offer what you need and are you going to be able to pursue it without being subjected to sitting through (and paying for) classes unrelated to your major? 

3.       Location, location, location.  Is the school close enough that you can easily attend classes and keep living the life you’re living and working the job you’ve got?  It’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be able to excel in school if you can’t get to campus. 

Jeff English, Senior Admissions Representative, suggests that students talk with prospective colleges instead of just searching for information online. “Find the schools close enough to attend and contact them directly.  Speak to an admissions representative who can explain the programs and scheduling, and to a financial aid officer about payment options.”

Once you’ve gathered the information ask yourself if the school is a good fit for you and whether you’re a good fit for it.  Do you meet acceptance standards?  Does the faculty and staff seem friendly and helpful?  

Sometimes, in striving to improve “lifestyle”, a “life” can suffer but that need not be the case.  Don’t sacrifice the latter for the former.  Remember that there are ways to accommodate your education without completely disrupting your life and there are people equipped and eager to help.

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