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It’s time to think of your future accounting career in a new light.  

Accounting, like many other careers, requires an ability to network and connect with colleagues and business contacts. You may not associate public speaking with accounting, but having confidence in public speaking is an important skill when you find yourself in an accounting career. 

In an article in The New York Times, Dominique Molina, a certified public accountant and co-founder of the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches said, “When I was studying for my C.P.A., I was sure that I’d be safe [from public speaking]. But life isn’t predictable. I ended up in a career that depends on public speaking.”1

At Daymar, we understand the importance confidence plays in your life, your career—everything. So, we want to share three reasons why public speaking may make you a better accountant:

1. Confidence in Public Speaking Means Confidence in Yourself and Your Career

While you may consider accounting more of an individualistic job, there is no success without collaboration. Author Keith Ferrazzi stated in his international best-seller, Never Eat Alone, that “Success in any field, but especially in business, is about working with people, not against them.”2 Developed public speaking skills is a positive when working with others. Collaboration can actually help auditors more easily address the items on their “to-do” lists. It is important to have constructive partnerships within the business because this allows auditors to ensure their expertise is considered when business decisions are made.

So, sitting alone at your desk avoiding interaction is probably not what you should expect from your accounting career. For your career to be more fulfilling for you, and beneficial to the company, be sure to have confidence in your public speaking skills.

2. Soft Skills Are More Important Than You Think

“Soft skills are the new hard skills,” a report from The Institute of Internal Auditors and Robert Half states.3 

As important as your math skills are to your accounting career, so are your soft skills. One of which, is public speaking. Accountants will have to put their public speaking skills to the test when presenting facts and figures to business associates. Being a good presenter requires more than being able to read notes directly from a PowerPoint presentation. It’s the ability to communicate with others with comfort and ease. 

Use public speaking to be comfortable with, and sell yourself, to your employers or potential clients. By developing your ability to comfortably communicate with others, you have the opportunity to flourish within your company and your career.

3. You Can Move Your Accounting Career Forward

Employers prioritize public speaking and good communication skills. Over 30 percent of CFOs found poor interpersonal skills as the main reason why employees don’t advance within their organization.4 Having advanced skills in the technical aspects of accounting is necessary for an accounting career, but without soft skills, like public speaking, you may ultimately lack what it takes to confidently move forward in your career.

Building a network does not happen overnight, and there is certainly no such thing as “just-in-time networking.”5

Your confidence in public speaking can help you build relationships within your company which can help you to be a better accountant and a better employee. As you continue to use your public speaking skills to build relationships at work, and show that you are invested in the company you work for, employers will notice you. This is important if you want to get the most out of your accounting degree and grow beyond an entry-level position to take on more advanced roles.

Let Daymar Help You Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

Don’t settle for a career that is less than what you are capable of. At Daymar, our Accounting Associate of Science Degree Program can provide you the opportunity to gain both the technical accounting skills and soft skills you need, including public speaking, so you can gain a wide skill set to provide you the opportunity to become a successful accountant.    

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