Teacher Appreciation Week, A Student's Reflection

Written by: 
Brenda Smith, Bowling Green Campus student

Well another weekend has come and gone. It was a great weekend I must say. I went to ballgames, (my 11 year old son plays) I went to the church youth softball game and I went to church on Sunday. Now you may wonder how I found time to study for school.  Well if you love going to school as much as I do you just find time.

I am a pure bred morning person. I wake up in the morning ready to shake the world. My husband is ready to drink his coffee and I am about jumping out of my skin, ready to start the day.

 I got up Monday morning and I headed to school.  I had to take my granddaughter to school and I was running late. I hate being late. I just hit panic mode.   I kept watching the clock in the car and praying all the way, Lord, Please get me there on time. Well he heard me and I got into the parking lot at 8:00 sharp!!! I jumped out of my car and headed to class. I was out of breath, huffing and puffing. Begging my teacher not to count me as late (I have perfect attendance so far and I did not want to mess that up).  She was so gracious and she did not count me late. To me, even a minute over start time is late; I was so grateful for her decision.

 I sit down in my seat; I try to sit in the front row; I had a perfect view of the hallway. For me that is good and bad. I love to see what is going on but I also get distracted.  Today was not an exception. There were all kind of people walking in the hallway, Teachers, students, people I had never seen before, even the custodian was there. I told myself it must be something really big going on.

Sure enough, they were putting up a board about it being "Teacher Appreciation Week" To me this made my Monday. I have the most respect for my teachers, the good, the bad and even the ugly ones.

Where would any of us be without teachers? I myself would not even want to know. If you think about it, teachers are the ones who make this world a better place. Without teachers there would not be, doctors, lawyers or Indian Chiefs (could not help throwing that last on in). Teachers are the ones who put the great powerful men and women in the place they are today. Without teachers how would we have learned all we needed to know in Kindergarten?  Without teachers there would not be the internet, smart phones, computers, all the stuff we take for granted. Someone had to give the inventors of these great things the mind set to know where to begin.

At Daymar College we are taking this week to write a little note to our teachers on how we appreciate them. I know I appreciate each and every one. These teachers at Daymar do more than just teach out of a text book they also teach from their hearts.

So to all the teachers that I have met and to all the ones that I am looking forward to meeting, my sun hat is off to you. You do make a great difference to the students here at Daymar.


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