Thinking About Starting a Pharmacy Tech Program? Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know

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pharmacy tech program October is American Pharmacist Month and serves to promote pharmacists as an integral member of the health care team. Another integral member of the pharmacy team are pharmacy technicians who make invaluable contributions to patient care. 

If you are looking for a dependable job, pharmacy technology is a promising field for those who want to work in the health care industry without having to commit to a four-year degree. With Daymar College’s pharmacy tech program, you could be well on your way to finding a full-time job in as little as 15 months.

Here are three things your pharmacy tech program should do for you:

1. Allow You to Gain Hands-On Experience

According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists1, pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists on a daily basis to help with the preparation and distribution of medicine to patients.

Your pharmacy tech program should provide you with the opportunity to gain the hands-on training that can help you acquire the skills necessary to pursue an entry-level pharmacy tech position and prepare you to work alongside pharmacists.

With the knowledgeable staff at Daymar College, you can experience a combination of hands-on practice and in-class exercises to prepare you for your future as a pharmacy technician.

2. Provide You with Opportunities to Continue Your Education

Don’t you want some freedom when it comes to your education? Don’t limit yourself to one specific program, when you can have access to three.

Daymar College offers variety when it comes to your pharmacy tech program. We offer a Pharmacy Technology diploma program, Pharmacy Technology Associate of Science Degree Program and Health Care Administration – Pharmacy Technology Bachelor of Science Degree Program.

Pharmacy Technology diploma program:

• 72 credit hours required
• Can be completed in 15 months at 16 hours per quarter
• Provides you with basic general education and computer skills along with pharmacy technician-focused skills, including pharmacy technician practices and ethics and pharmacy operations
• This diploma program does not transfer into a baccalaureate degree

Pharmacy Technology Associate of Science Degree Program:

• 96 credit hours required
• Can be completed in 18 months at 16 hours per quarter
• Provides you with the education necessary to manage interpersonal and social situations along with a focus on specialized knowledge in sterile product technology and problem solving
• All credits earned in this program are applicable to the BS Degree Program

Health Care Administration – Pharmacy Technology Bachelor of Science Degree Program:

• 180 credit hours required
• Can be completed in 36 months at 16 hours per quarter
• Provides you with the knowledge necessary to successfully manage health care organizations and services along with a focus on key business administration techniques applied to the health care industry

From the opportunity to get a pharmacy technician job in a little over a year to a potential administrative position in the health care industry, Daymar College has got you covered.

3. Help You in Your Job Search

When graduation from your pharmacy tech program approaches, our career services staff will work hard with you to help you find a job to make use of your newly-acquired pharmacy tech skills.

At Daymar College, we know you worked hard for your degree and understand the satisfaction of getting the job you desire in the field you love. Our career services staff has the goal of seeing Daymar College’s graduates gain employment because of the skills they learned through our pharmacy tech program. Our career preparation programs include college internship seminar programs, interviewing tips and other services to help you seek out the dependable job you have been hoping to find.

We also offer a variety of career services workshops, which are free and open to both current and former Daymar students.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pursue a career dedicated to the health of others. And the health care industry is growing, providing you with a dependable and secure job.

Don’t hesitate to get your education started at Daymar College! Contact us if you have any questions about our scholarships and financial aid opportunities. 

Our pharmacy technology programs are offered at our Bowling Green, Nashville, Clarksville and Murfreesboro locations. Program offerings vary depending on location.