U. S. Representative Blackburn Visits, Impressed By Daymar College, Students Successes

Daymar College, Clarksville campus, hosted a visit from Congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn. The Congresswoman was able to tour the campus and meet students alumni and employers of the college. 

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn visits Daymar College Clarksville

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One of Tennessee's senior members of the U.S. House of Representatives visited and toured Daymar College’s Clarksville campus April 21.  Representative Marsha Blackburn and two of her staff visited classrooms to see and hear both students and teachers in actual classroom interaction. 

Members of Congress and Tennessee's workforce development team have seen the data and realize that there is a skills gap and there are many high-growth fields with jobs that cannot be filled.

With health care and its support professions as one of the fastest growing fields across the country, Daymar College offers people the skills and technical training to secure and succeed in jobs such as medical assisting, medical billing and coding, dental assisting, and pharmacy technology. Daymar senior officials and staff accompanied Representative Blackburn as she toured several classes and spoke to students who are currently seeking degrees in some of these high demand fields.

Another fast growth area is computer Network Support Administration.  Strong demand for workers with this specialty has generated a waiting list for admission into Daymar's accredited Network Support program.  As the Chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Communications and Technology, Representative Blackburn is in a position to understand the staffing needs of the technology sector.

Daymar College Clarksville produced 242 graduates this past year in health care, business, criminal justice and technology programs. We currently have 509 students enrolled who are working hard to change their lives. Our placement rate of graduates who are working within their field of study is 72.5%.

Representative Blackburn coming on-site provided her with first-hand knowledge of Daymar's successful contributions to the health care and technology industries in Tennessee's rapid economic growth.

Following her visits and classroom interactions Representative Blackburn greeted students and staff at a reception.  Prior to her departure she articulated her most recent legislative actions in Congress and fielded questions from students and staff.