US Greco Roman Phenoms Bey And Hancock Awarded College Scholarships

Kamal Bey and G'Angelo Hancock awarded Daymar College scholarships

Two of the country’s most prominent young Greco Roman wrestlers, Kamal Bey and G’Angelo Hancock are set to begin their college careers together thanks to Daymar College and USA Wrestling.  Daymar College, in association with the national governing body, awarded Kamal Bey and G’Angelo Hancock with $75,000 scholarships each and both wrestlers have hit the ground running. Classes have already started and needless to say, it’s an incredible opportunity both wrestlers are extraordinarily grateful for.

Bey, who was looking into attending Pikes Peak Community College upon graduating from high school, received the news on his birthday. It made a special occasion all the more memorable. “I was waiting it out a little bit and then I was registering for classes when I got the call on my birthday about the scholarship,” Bey explains. “It’s the best present I could have asked for.”


Daymar donated the scholarships to USA Wrestling because their mission, providing quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full human and athletic potential, aligns with Daymar's core values. "Wrestling teaches you about life, commitment and dedication," Dan Peterson, Chancellor and CEO of Daymar Colleges said. "Those are qualities that make a successful student, future Daymar College alumni, and career professional."

Daymar made the scholarships available to be awarded to two USA Wrestling athletes to provide them access to an education and support no matter where these athletes live or train.

"Wrestlers are in a unique situation in that they have to travel for competition and training," Peterson said. "We have options for fully online programs, so we are able to provide access to an education and support no matter where these athletes live and allow them to continue their studies while they are traveling for their sport. In addition, our focus from day one is preparing our students to be professionals in their fields of study and our online career platform allows for flexibility in their professional development."

USA Wrestling was tasked with selecting the recipients. Head of Donor Relations and former National Team head coach Steve Fraser was instrumental in the process and said of Bey and Hancock being chosen: “USA Wrestling is proud to present two full-ride scholarships to G’Angelo Hancock and Kamal Bey from Daymar College. Daymar College donated these scholarships and are making a huge impact on these two young men’s lives. USA Wrestling is so very grateful to Dan Peterson, Chancellor of Daymar College and his supporting staff.”

Since Daymar has online programs, all the athletes need in order to complete their coursework is a laptop and an internet connection, a huge advantage for two world-class wrestlers who travel often. Because while Bey and Hancock are over-the-moon excited, the fact that they can chase down a collegiate education without breaking their stride certainly stands out as an enticing perk. “After I train, I can take advantage of doing homework, then rest, wake up and do more homework," Hancock said. "It will always be in front of me so I don’t have to see a professor face-to-face. But If I need help, I can call someone and there is a guaranteed answer every time, so it worked out great.”

2017 has the potential to be an incredibly busy year for these two newly-minted college students. They just recently competed in the Zagreb Open in Croatia where Bey took home a bronze medal. Next month they will be off to the World Team Trials in Vegas. Should success follow them there, the promise of multiple training camps in preparation for the 2017 Paris World Championships awaits.

Travelling the globe in pursuit of glory while being enrolled in school can be a challenge, making online-only classes the perfect route to pursue a college education. “Online school may not be for everyone, but for athletes as focused and serious as G’Angelo and Kamal, Daymar is the ideal fit”, says US National Team head coach Matt Lindland, who played a vital role in bringing Bey and Hancock to Colorado Springs when they were still in high school. “Not only do our elite Greco Roman athletes get the opportunity to become educated from traveling the world and be exposed to the various cultures and discover the similarities we all have in common as humans, they also get to attend college and work towards their degrees. Education is a big piece of the puzzle for these two men to reach their potential.”

Bey and Hancock are both dreamers. Thanks to Daymar and USA Wrestling, they have one more to go after.