What to Expect from Your Medical Massage Therapy Training

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Daymar College

Getting a massage, as most people would agree, is an enjoyable, relaxing experience. But have you ever considered completing medical massage therapy training to give a massage as a Licensed Massage Therapist? Medical massage therapy has a number of therapeutic benefits that people have come to rely on. Research has shown that massage therapy can be effective in relieving conditions such as cancer-related fatigue, low back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and even headache frequency.

Medical massage therapy is not a recent fad, either. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, massage therapy has a long history throughout many cultures all over the world. References to massage therapy date back thousands of years to ancient China, Japan, India, Egypt and Greece. Hippocrates even defined medicine as “the art of rubbing.”

If you decide you want to try your hand at this ancient art, here is what you can expect from your medical massage therapy training at Daymar College:

What You Will Learn During Training

There are many different types of massage modalities. Each type of massage modality requires a different technique. At Daymar, our medical massage therapy training focuses on six different types of modalities:

1) Swedish

2) Therapeutic

3) Hot Stone Therapy

4) Hydrotherapy

5) Pre-Natal

6) Sports

With knowledge in these areas of medical massage, you can play an important role in effectively helping to care for medical issues ranging from rehabilitation of injuries, to improving circulation, to relieving stress.

Length of Medical Massage Therapy Training

Daymar’s Medical Massage Therapy Diploma Program is designed to be completed in 12 months for full-time students who successfully pass each course.

Our diploma program is great for students who want to complete their education and training, and enter the workforce quickly. In one year, you have the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to enter the massage field as a medical massage therapist or even start your own private practice.

What You Can Expect With the Medical Massage Therapy Program

At Daymar, you will be required to complete 900 contact hours for your medical massage therapy training. You can study Eastern and Western massage therapy history, spa therapies, reflexology and kinesiology. The courses in our diploma program also give you the opportunity to study topics related to medical massage, including law, ethics and professionalism, anatomy and physiology, and therapeutic and orthopedic massage applications.

Completing 900 contact hours in 12 months is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to pass the state examination required to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Hands-on Learning

Daymar’s medical massage therapy training gives students the opportunity to practice their skills in our massage clinic, an experience the provides the opportunity to build a client base.


The hands-on learning you can gain through Daymar’s training is designed to lead you to career opportunities in rehab clinics and hospitals; massage therapy clinics; doctors’/chiropractic offices; nursing homes; spas, health and fitness centers; and self-employed private practice.

Medical massage therapy is a medical practice that people continue to take seriously, as they have for thousands of years. In July 2015, over 51 million American adults discussed massage therapy with their doctors or health care providers. That means 16 percent of American adults look for someone who has gone through medical massage therapy training to relieve them of medical symptoms using therapeutic massage.

If you decide to take Hippocrates definition of medicine to heart and want to improve the quality of life for others through medical massage, contact Daymar to learn how our medical massage therapy training can help!

(Offered at the following locations: Columbus, Nashville)