Where Can I Work As A Massage Therapist?

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massage therapy jobHave you completed your massage therapy training and passed your state’s exam to become licensed as a massage therapist? If so, it is time you get that massage therapy job. There are many potential workplaces for massage therapists. If you know the kind of workplace you would like to begin your massage therapy job, that is a good start. But are you aware of all the resources you can use to your advantage to find the job you want?

At Daymar, we provide career service workshops and career preparation assistance to support you as you begin your career.

Here are additional resources you can use as you search for a massage therapy job in any of the following areas:


Spas employ more than massage therapists. However, https://www.spastaff.com/jobs allows you to customize your search to look specifically for the massage therapy job you have worked hard to achieve. The website finds openings in various countries, but a large number of the jobs are located in the United States.


Are you interested in working in a hospital? www.hospitaljobsonline.com is a great resource when it comes to finding massage therapy jobs in hospitals. Search massage therapy openings in your desired location and this website will let you know what jobs are available.

Cruise Ships

Did you know that Steiner is the largest company operating spas at sea? If you want to put your massage therapy skills to work while sailing to new places all over the world, working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship could be a great fit for you.

Head to theonboardspa.com to learn about recruitment and qualification information, and send in a job application when you are ready!

Self-Employed Private Practice

Once you receive your massage therapy training and license, you may decide that you want to start your own massage therapy practice instead of finding a massage therapy job at a spa, hospital, cruise ship or other facility. This is not necessarily easier than the normal job search, but can be done if you have the entrepreneurial skills to start your own business.

If you need some insight on how to figure out your massage therapy business plan or want to find out if you have what it takes to run your own practice, go to the American Massage Therapy Association website.

Now Go Out and Get that Massage Therapy Job!

Although these websites do not guarantee a position, getting your diploma from a massage therapy program can provide you with an opportunity to succeed in your search for a massage therapy job.

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