Why a Dental Assistant Education from Daymar is a Good Move

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Daymar College

Daymar College Dental Assistant program student

The Industry is Growing and So Are Salaries

When you think back on your visits to the dentist, it’s likely that you will remember some of the incredibly friendly dental assistants who eagerly asked you questions, regardless of how many tools were in your mouth. They prepared you for the dentist to come in and give you the news you hoped to hear: “no cavities!” However, you may not know about the dental assistant education that prepared them to be a dental assistant.

Dental assistants are more than friendly faces around while you get your teeth cleaned. While in dental training, students are required to be educated extensively in dental health. This education can then lead to new job opportunities. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), a dental assistant salary is comparable to many other health care positions, including medical assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, veterinary technicians and pharmacy assistants.

Dental assistants have an average annual income of $35,000 to $40,000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 the industry employed 318,800 medical assistants, and the number is projected to grow by at least 58,600 workers between 2014 and 2024. These growing numbers are important because, generally, the higher the demand for employment, the higher the salary. A dental assistant education is the perfect way to get your foot in the door to this growing industry.

The Reality of Dental Assisting

Despite what many believe, holding a suction device is not the single job assigned to a dental assistant. In fact, it is only one out of the many tasks that make up the role of a dental assistant. These tasks include:

- Preparing patients for dental procedures

- Sterilizing tools

- Assisting dentists during the procedures

- Taking dental impressions

- Developing x-rays

The ADA also recognizes the office managerial tasks that require the attention of dental assistants. Scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, making phone calls and documenting medical history are all tasks that a dental assistant should be willing to do.

Because dental assistants play a critical part in making sure patients feel comfortable throughout their procedure, their communication skills must be as sharp as their manual skills to do the job to the highest standard. With a dental assistant education from Daymar, you can leave the program feeling confident in your ability to be accommodating to the needs of the patient—dental or personal.

This is a perfect career choice for anyone looking for an entry into the healthcare field with the with the right mix of manual and intellectual work.

Choose the Right School for your Dental Assistant Education

Daymar is proud to offer a 15-month, full-time dental assisting program that is tailored to provide students with the opportunity to develop the tools necessary to pass the Tennessee State Board exams and enter the workforce as a capable registered dental assistant.

If you decide to continue your dental assistant education, all credits earned in this diploma program are applicable to the Dental Assisting Associate of Applied Science Degree Program. The Dental Assisting Associate of Applied Science Degree Program is our more extensive dental assisting program meant to provide additional interpersonal and social skills training. This program has been created to help students interact better with both patients and dentists.

If you are interested in seeing where Daymar’s dental assistant education opportunities can take you, the support services at the school are here to offer information and guidance. These services can assist in the decision-making process. Daymar’s career support services include assistance with identifying internship opportunities, interviewing tips and other services to help the student as much as possible.

There are many reasons why a dental assistant education from Daymar is a good move for you. Students can become dental assistants either through training on the job or formal education, though some states won’t accept dental assistants who are trained on the job, so it’s important to check your state’s requirements. If the cost of school is an obstacle in receiving your dental assistant education, prospective students can contact us to find out more about the scholarships and financial aid Daymar offers.