Winter 2016 Faculty Instructional Excellence Awards

Our mission at Daymar College is to Change lives…One person at a time. This quarter’s winners, through an active expression of their passion for teaching and learning, help ensure our students are actively engaged in their coursework and successfully walking a path toward the achievement of their educational goals. These are faculty who have shown an outstanding commitment to student success by going above and beyond in pursuit of instructional excellence.

Bethany Froboese of the Clarksville Campus: Dr. Froboese was nominated by Dr. Laurie Schroeder, Academic Program Director of the Physical Therapy Assistant Program. Dr. Froboese has become an integral and exceptional member of the PTA faculty over the past two years. She came from the clinic with a reputation for excellence, and she has continued to demonstrate excellence in the classroom. She is always prepared for class, and goes above and beyond by adding on-line resources, creative opportunities for meeting the outcomes of her courses, and by providing multiple forms of support for student learning. She is not afraid of trying new teaching and presentation methods, if she believes that they offer a better way of communicating information to students.  She continues to spend time in clinical work, which allows her to bring real-world experience into every class session, and she models professionalism and a passion for learning by sharing her own challenges and pursuit of knowledge with the students.  Dr. Froboese is willing to stay late, come in early, and spend hours of one-on-one time with students in order to ensure their success. Current students have stated that they appreciate that she is always there for them, that she is open to discussion and very approachable, and that her willingness to help them to think through difficult patient problems makes understanding challenging topics attainable.  Since she came on board, Dr. Froboese has consistently received high student satisfaction ratings, has supported every effort of the PTA department from interviews and intake, to curriculum development, to revision of policies and procedures, and has maintained retention and pass rates above 90%.


Brittainy Shinabery of the Columbus Campus: Brittainy was nominated by Michael McMurray, Director of Education for the Columbus Campus. Brittainy is a terrific teacher.  Her end of the quarter surveys are always excellent and the comments from her students reflect how much they appreciate her. Her most recent end of course feedback includes comments such as “Brittainy is an amazing teacher.” and “I enjoy my classes with this instructor. She makes things possible even when they become very difficult. She always helps and works with you. I would love to have another class with her and I am more than happy to tell people about Daymar College and the lovely teachers they have here.” Brittainy is constantly moving in the classroom to check in with each student about their understanding.  She uses informal assessments to keep students on track.  Struggling students are never left behind.  She will meet with students at convenient time for extra practice, tutoring, or just some one on one time.  Brittainy has never given up on a student.  She has even made time for previous graduates who need to be re-trained.  Brittainy has a 100% pass rate on her students taking the RMA exam.  One of the harder placement sites has rigorous testing process and all of her students placed at that site have passed the testing process.  She meets with local leaders to understand their expectations then brings that into the classroom.  Brittainy exemplifies the Daymar’s intelligent heart by showing her students empathy while holding them to a high standard.



Beth Swadley of Online Division of the Clarksville Campus: Beth was nominated by Shawn Hershey, Director of Education for the Online Division of the Clarksville Campus. Beth has gone above and beyond for our students and our faculty, reaching out to those in need of anything related to her program. Daymar has recently partnered with Elsevier to help improve student engagement and retention while providing a cutting edge resource for our students. Beth has proved to be an invaluable advocate for her students and her faculty through the transition process of working with Elsevier. She has made herself available to students in her program, regardless of whether or not they were in her class, and she has partnered with her faculty to create a more user-friendly platform for our students. Beth has taken the lead on being the point person for Elsevier for all instructors, ground and online, and has been the ‘go-to’ subject matter expert. Beth has also recognized the opportunity to help all instructors, ground and online, with additional training in MED103, MED153, MED154. She worked internally to create instructor-only shells for each of these classes and has all faculty participating in the shells to gain a better understanding of the classes. Beth has maintained a professional attitude through the changes while continuing to offer support to all who need it. She has recognized an opportunity to continue to help our students and faculty alike and has proven, while maintaining her own workload of students, to provide guidance and leadership! Additionally, Beth was recently nominated and selected to participate in the Cengage Learning’s 2016 Medical Assisting Advisory Board. She will travel to Providence, Rhode Island in June to represent Daymar in a discussion of professionals from across the country regarding issues facing the field medical assisting and to help develop solutions that improve student outcomes.


Congratulations to Bethany, Brittainy, and Beth on receiving this award and on behalf of everyone Thank You for living the Daymar College mission!


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ~Benjamin Franklin