COVID19 Safety Orientation

As campuses return to in-person instruction, please click on the following link to complete your waiver per campus return requirements.

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To help orient anyone with Clinical Lab coursework on campus, starting with the July 6th Term, the following Safety Orientation on the Health & Safety Plan is available to ensure you are familiar with the protocols and expectations put in place to ensure everyone's safety while in-person.

Safety Orientation

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Will there be a cap on class size for lab classes?

Yes, there will be a max of 9 students in a section with 1 faculty so no more than 10 students in a lab at a time.

How will students be checked for possible symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature check, etc.)?

The health & safety plan specifically asks people with symptoms to stay home.  Temperatures will be taken at sign-in station.

What if I have a pre-existing condition (e.g. asthma, diabetes, etc.)?

Most importantly consult with your doctor.  Based on your doctor’s recommendation, speak with your Dean of Academic Affairs.  The school will attempt to facilitate accommodation accordingly. Each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A doctor's note may be required to document recommended accommodation.

I have not yet received my Daymar scrubs, when will I receive those and what should I wear until I do?

The campus staff will help you get your Daymar scrubs.  You can wear street clothes until your scrubs are issued.

What should I bring with me to the clinical labs?  Will I be issued supplies?

You should bring yourself, wear a mask into the building (additional PPE will be issued once on site) and pack snacks/water bottles (vending and student lounge will be off limits for safety).  Whatever supplies for lab are needed will be provided.

Will the LRC be open for me to submit work online after class since I'm already on campus?  Will the campus be any other day than just for Labs to be able to meet with my instructor or submit work from one of the campus computers?

No, the campus is not open beyond specific use for clinical lab instruction only.  Common areas will be limited to ensure social distancing supported by no congregating and use of rooms/equipment are limited to the designated instruction area where proper cleaning supplies and protocols will be followed. 

If you need to get additional help from your instructor outside of the clinical lab instruction time, please contact them directly and arrange time for virtual support as you would do with any of your other coursework outside of the lab.

What if I miss a Monday or Thursday lab class, can I make that up?

The COVID19 health & safety plan specifically asks you to stay home if sick.  If you miss due to being sick, the school will attempt to facilitate working and attending school from home. Each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If this is your situation stay in communication with your Dean of Academic Affairs while you are quarantined from school.  Students, faculty, and staff should not come to the building for 14 days after the symptoms have subsided. A doctor's note will be required to return if under a doctor's care during your illness.

If you miss due to another reason beyond what the COVID19 health & safety plan covers, then standard attendance and grading policies apply and you should inform yourself by reviewing the Course Catalog, syllabus and class policies, in addition to discussing with your instructor in advance what the impact is to missing any part or all of a clinical lab instruction day.  Due to restrictions and protocols around capacity and size of sections, make up opportunity may not be available or severely restricted. Further, given the importance and nature of clinical skill instruction please make every attempt to not miss lab classes, unless staying home sick.