Student Reviews

Leslie Pollitt
Daymar College
Daymar has changed my life!

"I have been at Daymar for almost two years now. The staff, administrators, and instructors have shown me that I can do it and that they are behind me 100%. I regret that I waited 10 years to go to college, but I am happy I am a student at Daymar College.

The staff and teachers are great because they are always available when you need it or if you need someone to talk to. They are there for you in your time of need. There were times I just wanted to give up and quit because I was not reaching my potential, but the staff and teachers were there to help me as much as they could and never turned me away.

… Daymar College is a great school and I have recommended various people looking for a college to go to Daymar. Daymar College will always be in my heart along with the staff, teachers, and my fellow students."


Susan Rogg
Associate of Science Degree
It's so personable and friendly here.

"Luckily I saw an ad for Daymar and requested information online. They called me right away, got me to come in, figured it all out and started school less than a week later. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I love it, it is so personable and friendly here. I just got my Associates of Science Degree. But I thought why stop there and now I am continuing on to get a Bachelor degree. I’m going into a field that is ever growing and always going to be around, I’ll never have to worry about my future."

Cynthia Bogart
Associate of Science
Daymar College saved my life.

"I made a call on a Friday morning and was so pumped up after talking to Dianna I was in there that day for a tour. I went through all the info and sat with wonderful ladies at financial aid and was hooked. I knew that day; Daymar was the place for me.

… Every faculty member, every staff member knows you by name and honestly wants you to succeed as much, and sometimes more, than you even do.

… I guess it boils down to this; I have doubted my abilities, I have doubted many aspects of my life; I have NEVER doubted my decision to come to Daymar. Out of nowhere, Daymar became, is now, and will forever be, family."

Christina Burkhart
Daymar College
Daymar was the best decision I have made.

"With the amazing help of my teachers I passed all my classes and had a HUGE support system.

… I have had so many amazing people at school who have given me so much support. The teachers, the administrative staff, the students we have all become a second family. We encourage each other when things get bad and we are ready to give up.

… We have begun as strangers and somewhere between the beginning and now we have become family. Staff and students alike have made a bond with each other on different levels.

It’s staff like this that makes it to where we actually WANT to be at school. It’s the staff that makes the environment more welcoming. I never in my life liked school and even with the tragedy, the depression, the sadness, and the heartache of my daily life I often can’t wait to get to school. I can’t wait because everyone from the teachers, the secretaries, financial advisors, the administrative staff all have such welcoming personalities and create the most enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

… Daymar was the best decision I have made."


Teilar Anderson
Daymar College phone call really changed my life.

One bad day and one phone call really changed my life. I picked up the phone without expecting too much. I never expected Sara to be on the other end! From day one, she had a job opportunity for me and she was ready to help me get on track to start school. She gave me the keys and the extra push to change my life. She was  serious and dedicated to helping me become the person I wanted to be and she wasn’t accepting anything less than my best because she chose to believe in me.

I’m proud to say I am now employed and ready to start school. Thanks to Sara and the Daymar staff, I’m confident in my future and my abilities as a mother, employee, and student. You never know who may be out there willing to guide you.


Thank you Sara and Daymar!


Jose Silva
Daymar College

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