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5 Signs You May be Destined to Work in Business Management

Child dressed up as an adult

Are you destined to work in the business management field? Do you have entrepreneurial spirit, are you a born leader, are you a good boss, can you sway even the most stubborn people or are you the great communicator? If you have one or all of these skills you may be destined to work in business management.

Sign #1 – Entrepreneurial Spirit

Meet Daymar Student Lae Chomsavanh: Running on a Full Tank of Gas

lae chomsavanh

What do you do when you have a full tank of gas? For Lae Chomsavanh, a business management student at Daymar, she takes advantage of it. As a mother of four, Chomsavanh is as busy as busy gets. But she still makes time for her education to set a good example for her daughters. When Chomsavanh stumbled upon a Daymar campus, she instantly knew it would be a good fit for her and has been actively working toward her goals ever since. 

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