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FBI Hostage Negotiation Training: Bowling Green Criminal Justice Program at Daymar College

During a TV interview with Professor Flener, the Program Director of the Criminal Justice Program at the Bowling Green campus of Daymar College, Nicki Romano of Southern Kentucky WNKY-TV Channel 40 talked about the FBI Hostage Negotiation Training conducted by the Kentucky State Troops, Kentucky Police Officers and Kentucky Correctional Officers at the Bowling Green campus all this week.  The trainin

Madisonville 2015 Winter Term Student Success - Kathleen Hyatt

Kathleen Hyatt, a soon to be graduate of Daymar College Madisonville, is looking forward to starting her career in the criminal justice field, “I’ve got a couple investigation positions I’m looking at.” Kathleen told her Campus Dean, Teresa Levesque. Even though her spring 2015 graduation is just around the corner, she is still hard at it; continuing to volunteer at her internship site as she completes her final two classes.

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