medical assisting program

Careers Available for Medical Assisting Program Graduates

Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Want to learn about the jobs that may be available after completing the Medical Assisting Program at Daymar College? Ready to take your medical assisting career to the next level?

Graves Gilbert Clinic + Daymar College = Jobs Saved

There’s high tech and then there’s HITECH.   On one hand you have “high tech”, a newer, sleeker, approach to everyday living.  On the other hand you have “HITECH” which is a sleeker way to say “Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health”.  We all know that the former can either make your life easier or make you want to pull your hair out.  The latter, however, is a rule recently adopted that in layman’s terms  means that when you go to a doctor or healthcare provider, the person entering your information and orders (x-ray, lab, etc.) into that fancy-pants electronic medi

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