Medical Massage Therapy

Where Can I Work As A Massage Therapist?

massage therapy jobHave you completed your massage therapy training and passed your state’s exam to become licensed as a massage therapist? If so, it is time you get that massage therapy job. There are many potential workplaces for massage therapists. If you know the kind of workplace you would like to begin your massage therapy job, that is a good start.

Study to Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in Columbus Ohio

How Relationship Building is Making You a More Successful Massage Therapist it comes to your massage therapy career, your clients are everything. Getting new clients is good, but keeping clients coming back is even better. Regardless of whether you run your own massage therapy business, work at a spa or even work in a doctor’s or chiropractic office, relationship building can make you a more successful massage therapist.

From War Veterans to Olympic Athletes: How Alternative Pain Management is Changing Lives

Imagine a 63-year-old war veteran taking morphine three times a day to experience the slightest bit of relief from severe back pain. This was the case for Vietnam War veteran, Arthur Maheu, for five years.

Beyond the Spa: The Many Opportunities of Medical Massage Therapy

Did you know that between July 2014 and July 2015, roughly 39 million American adults had a massage at least once? Bottom line, if almost 40 million American adults want massages, there needs to be people who are able to give them.

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