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The Accounting Diploma Program is designed to prepare the graduate for employment in administrative office positions with emphasis in general bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax preparation, inventory control, allocation, financial statements, depreciation methods, and payroll. The graduate will be provided the opportunity to obtain knowledge related to practical business theory and practical software applications to assimilate the diverse skills required to financially organize a business in an ever-changing market-driven economy. This program is designed for full- time students to complete the classes in 15 months. All earned course credits in this program are applicable to the Associate of Science Degree in Accounting.

Program Requirements Quarter Course Credit Hours
ACC103 Accounting 4
ACC113 Accounting II 4
ACC210 Federal Income Tax Accounting 4
ACC211 Intermediate Accounting 4
ACC213 Cost Accounting 4
ACC214 Payroll Accounting 4
ACC215 Computerized Accounting 4
ACC216 Managerial Accounting 4
BMG126 Business Law 4
BUS112 Personal Finance 4
BUS211 Small Business Management 4
CIS106 Computer Applications 4
CIS107 Computer Applications II 4
ENG101* General English 4
ENG211* Composition I 4
INT142 Professional Seminar and Internship or Capstone Project 4
MTH103* College Math 4
SFS140 Strategies for Success 4
Total Quarter Course Credit Hours Required 72

*This course fulfills a general education requirement.

Associate of Science Degree

The Accounting Associate of Science Degree Program is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge required to enter the accounting field. Through the courses studied, students are provided the opportunity to acquire a basic knowledge of business practices and procedures, financial accounting, management accounting, income tax accounting, payroll accounting, and computerized accounting. Upon successful completion of the accounting classes the student is expected to have the skills needed to begin his/her career in entry-level positions in the accounting field. The accounting classes also provides graduates general education courses to help manage interpersonal and social situations by preparing them to advance in their professional and personal life. This program is designed for full-time students to complete the accounting classes in 18 months.

This program requires all the courses in the Accounting Diploma Program as well as the following:

Program Requirements Quarter Course Credit Hours
ACC212 Advanced Accounting 4
ACC217 Corporate & Partnership Taxation 4
BUS101** Human Resource Management 4
BUS212** Supervision 4
COM208* Public Speaking 4
CRT210* Critical Thinking 4
PSY202* Psychology 4
Total Quarter Course Credit Hours Required 96

*This course fulfills a general education requirement.

**Only one of these courses must be taken to complete the program.

January 1, 2014

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