Health Care Administration Curriculum

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Health Care Administration Bachelor of Science Degree is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to successfully manage health care organizations and services. These classes focus on teaching students key business administration techniques, while tailoring those learned skills to the health care industry. Successful Health Care Administration students can gain the practical, real- world knowledge needed to be successful in the health care industry. Upon completion of the program, the student has been provided the opportunity to gain skills to prepare them for entry-level employment in hospitals, physicians offices, nursing and residential facilities, home health care centers, and related occupations. These classes are designed for full- time students to complete the program in 36 months.

This program requires all the courses in the Billing & Coding Specialist, Medical Assisting and Pharmacy Technology Associate of Science Degree Programs as well as the following:

Program Requirements Quarter Course Credit Hours
COM310* Interpersonal Communication 4
CRT210* Critical Thinking 4
ENG212* Composition II 4
ETH103 Ethical Decision Making 4
HCA300** Health Care Management 4
HCA305** Occupations in Health Care 4
HCA310** The Health Care Industry 4
HCA315** Health Care Communications 4
HCA320** Health Care in the United States 4
HCA325** Information Technology in Health Care 4
HCA330** HR: Principles and Practice in Health Care 4
HCA335** Essentials of Managed Health Care 4
HCA340** Cultural Diversity in Health Care 4
HCA400** Public and Community Health 4
HCA405** Health Psychology 4
HCA410** Leadership and Professional Development 4
HCA420** Budgeting in Health Care 4
HCA430** Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care 4
HCA435** Health and Disease Trends 4
HCA440** Planning & Marketing for Health Care Organizations 4
HIS300* American History 4
SCI305* Technology & Society 4
SCI312* Earth Science 4
SOC201* Introduction to Sociology 4
Total Quarter Course Credit Hours Required 180

*Students must complete a minimum of 56 quarter course credit hours or equivalent in General Education containing at least one course in each of the following areas: humanities, mathematics, science, and social science.

**Students must complete a minimum of 48 quarter course credit hours or 12 courses of the Health Care Administration courses identified at the 300 and 400 level.

January 1, 2014

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