Medical Massage Therapy



Work toward a career in one of the oldest healing arts professions in Daymar College’s Medical Massage Therapy program in Tennessee and Ohio. Our massage therapy program courses cover a wide range of topics to help prepare you to perform various modalities of medical massage therapy, including sports, pre-natal, therapeutic, Swedish, hot stone and hydrotherapy.

Millions of people receive medical massage therapy each year and can attest to its ability to help alleviate the stress and tension that can lead to disease and illness. With massage therapy training, you can learn to relieve many ailments.

You can also study Eastern and Western massage therapy history, as well as spa therapies, reflexology, and kinesiology. In our massage classes and courses, you will have the opportunity to study law, ethics and professionalism, anatomy and physiology, therapeutic and orthopedic massage applications, and much more. Instructors in this massage therapy program use relevant instructional methods designed to help prepare you for state exams.

Licensure is required to practice in the field of massage therapy.

If you have questions or concerns about financial aid, our financial services department can help you discover what forms of aid may be available to you. Contact us today to start working toward your massage therapy diploma.  See the links below for curriculum by campus. 

Where Can I Get Medical Massage Therapy Training?

Daymar College offers our Medical Massage Therapy program at the following location(s):