Medical Massage Therapy Curriculum

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The Medical Massage Therapy Diploma Program is designed to provide the student with the skills to perform various modalities of massage therapy to include sports, pre-natal, therapeutic, Swedish, hot stone therapy, and hydrotherapy massages. Successful students are expected to be prepared to work as a massage therapist in areas such as sports, pre-natal, therapeutic, Swedish, hot-stone therapy, and hydrotherapy. Upon completion of the Medical Massage Therapy program, the successful student may apply to take the state examination to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Licensure is a requirement in the field of massage therapy. These classes are designed for full- time students to complete the program in 12 months.

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Program Requirements Clock Hours
MMT101 Anatomy & Physiology/Medical Terminology I for Massage Therapy 105
MMT102 Anatomy & Physiology/Medical Terminology II for Massage Therapy 105
MMT103 Anatomy & Physiology/Medical Terminology III for Massage Therapy 105
MMT122 Pathology I for Massage Therapy 40
MMT123 Pathology II for Massage Therapy 40
MMT131 Massage Therapy Lab I and Ethics 80
MMT132 Massage Therapy Lab II 80
MMT133 Massage Therapy Lab III 80
MMT204 Anatomy & Physiology/Massage Theory/ Exam Prep for Massage Therapy 105
MMT234 Massage Therapy Clinic 80
MMT244 Massage Therapy Business and Ethics 40
SFS140 Strategies for Success 40
Total Contact Hours Required 900

January 1, 2014

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