Nursing Curriculum

Female Nurse

Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science Degree in Nursing education combines general education foundations and core theory which recognizes competencies both particular to and overlapping with differentiated levels of "nursing" practice. These competencies vary by level of practice, types of patients served, practice settings, and the complexity of skill sets. The educational components of the College’s nursing program of study will address the attainment of specific competencies within an identified level of nursing and an organizational framework for thinking. This curriculum provides the foundation for beginning professional nursing practice. Both basic general and nursing education courses expose the student to requisites for providing safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient care for confident and competent professional nursing practice within a culturally sensitive environment. These classes are designed for full-time students to complete the program in 24 months.

Program Requirements Quarter Course Credit Hours
SFS140 Strategies for Success 4
ENG101 General English 4
BIO140 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
PSY202 Principles of Psychology 4
BIO141 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MTH103 College Math 4
BIO145 Microbiology for Nursing 4
PSY205 Growth and Development 4
ADN100 Nursing Concepts 4
ADN145 Pharmacology 4
ADN146 Pharmacy Terminology and Calculations 4
ADN120 Fundamentals of Nursing 4
ADN150 Clinical Nursing Skills and Simulations 4
ADN160 Geriatric Nursing 4
ADN108 Pathophysiology for Nursing 4
ADN180 Adult Nursing I 4
ADN255 Advanced Clinical Nursing Skills and Simulations 4
ADN230 Mental Health Nursing 4
ADN260 Adult Nursing II 4
ADN205 Maternity Nursing 4
ADN240 Pediatric Nursing 4
ADN275 Adult Nursing III 4
ADN280 Capstone Course 4
ADN280L Integrated Practicum 4
Total Quarter Course Credit Hours Required 96

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